"Hide from the oppressor"

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"Hide from the oppressor"

Post by CGomezV11A on Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:21 am

The history develops in Oceania, in a city (London) where the opinion of the persons does not cost, only it imports the word and the laws of " the big brother ", it is a voice, nobody has had the privilege of seeing it, only they know that it is the fact that it objects the things and says to them how to act, to think and even they control the way of feeling, there are different fields in this city where the inhabitants control, they divide of the following way: there are those who they lie with regard to what happens actually (false journalists), which control the thoughts, and the small children where in a group called: " The spies ", they have to say to the government when their parents are trying to go in opposition to the law that imposes on them the government, example: they if they decide to marry a person it is to shape a family but without any sample of love and affection towards the person, other one of you her rule it was that as soon as you were married, you would not ha right to divorce yourself, since you promised to form a family and logically there also you did a commitment to reproduce, this it is an excuse that the government was inventing to have more population and more "army"
For when one was presenting the opportunity of a war, this one was the way of hooking the people, and if you were not wishing it of equal way you had to do it if you would not like that they were taking you to judgment and there to die without having right to protest, Winston was a "journalist" entrusted to modify every event that was happening in the city, the idea was to cover the most possible the event in order that the people were calm, in order that the company was not protesting, the city was a city conformist and of plastic, without feelings and without any course, this part Winston was detesting her since he was married with a woman who her was not satisfying even with her own reflection, She was an empty woman of heart and of thought, did not have this sparkle of hope that any man wishes in a woman, when he was touching it insipid and churlish age, at the moment of the sex she was not in the habit of enjoying it, always it had a specific hour and how the government was saying it she only was taking it to reproduce since this age the condition to have sexual relations, if it does not manage to stay was embarrassing already it would be a crime committed, because the government was not looking for the pleasure of the persons, they were looking for the fear of the people, That was the pleasure for them , their major satisfaction was to know that the inhabitants were not going to protest and to be going to follow their ideas since as always the government is going to have a point superior to the inhabitants because according to the established they are the model to continuing to be able to create a culture and a population good at that we all are similar and happy with it, for the same reason it is that they take advantage of it.
They say if they want a good population of good beginning and without any disadvantage we they are going to lie because whenever there is a problem we are going to go concealing it in order that there are neither problems nor manifestations, and this accumulation of problems is what it leads Winston to wanting to demonstrate before so many lie and cowardice towards the inhabitants of the city, because of it same it enters to a group where the persons go in opposition to the laws that the government proposed,
Since they are totally in disagreement that not even the freedom of thought is admitted, in these chapters we can demonstrate the lack of privacy since there are a few monitors that monitor every movement that you realize this way be in your house, there is prohibited to think otherwise the one that thinks the government, or even up to protesting opposite the others, in this company you have to be consent to every minimal detail. The freedom is the privilege that we have managed to savour none , What happens in the book is exactly what happens nowadays, we leave ourselves to fill the head of false promises, the government promises to finish with the corruption knowing that they are the corruption, they are those who deprive the persons of the learning and do not teach us to solve problems but everything they try to cover it to his whim without importing the opinion of the citizens, in the book also it is said that they try to do the as short as possible lexicon to avoid controversies between the inhabitants and protests, for it they created a different language that did not have so many concepts, , With it the persons were not going to be interested in protesting were going to have the sufficient arguments, since always the company lives fearfully on what the persons will be going to say if I do a note or what might pass if I protest for something that indeed I do not like, normally the human being does the things with regard to what it sees, first the human being started observing to the animals to see how they were eating, what they were eating and this way to see what was happening to them and how they were reacting opposite to it, and it depends on it they also were doing it, likewise a secret group of persons are representing it in the book are arming a plan on how they are going to face the rules of " Big brother ", And the rest of the company like that is nonconformist it is waiting for the initiative, this book I it can relate to a so called movie " the bearer of recollections " the movie it begins to white and black, since the company does not remember his past, does not remember wherefrom they came they nor know the concepts of every object, only of the necessary ones to survive, the recollections stole them and they were given to an alone person, this person is entrusted to do oral tradition only by a person and is the one that has the work as bearer of recollection, when the children are small they observe them all the time to be able to define big when what they them are going to put to doing in agreement to his skills, The company decided to erase the past and the memory, since it was damaging very much to remember the war and to remember how much suffered the city, the government decided that the persons should forget the pain, the rancor and all the bad things, for them only happiness existed, for them to kill a person was nice because the government had imposed it like that, they could not do demonstration of affection in any place and there were chambers up to in the house, and every day an injection had to be applied, they put all the citizens in the head that was to survive, but only it was helping to make yourself remember it a bit on what you had been previously, they were living in a superficial bubble and to go beyond the bubble had death sentence for breaking, nobody had managed to go out to see the colors until one day a boy could do that it was turning the memory and this way, but to what I go it is that we all must try for making ourselves a change, by which the truth is known, always they hide the truth, and the little that we extract is because people have put to investigate for doing a benefit towards us, few people have fought for really we deserve ourselves, always someone is going to be looking and judging us whatever happens because I they us sold this idea, but what would happen if we were not worrying for the supposed judgment after the death?, everything would be different because always we him are going to be afraid to this judgment, from we are children they us are putting this fear. The corruption is a "dirty justice " that all of us must "assume", respect the oppressor because it is the justice that seems to them, all of us follow that mandate, without importing what we think , Because now our thought it is named like vandalist, and it is something that all as community have to end, the freedom is not obtained of only a small group fighting, it is obtained when one is employed at equipment, To fight every day without mattering that always they are going to be observing every movement and being going to take advantage of the most minimal opportunity to judge ourselves and to stop us


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Re: "Hide from the oppressor"

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:05 pm

This is not an essay, there is no intention in it and it does not follow any line besides the chronological order of the book, this is barely a summary with an opinion at the end.

your grade is a 5


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