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The last man in Europe or better called 1984 is a book written by George Orwell whose literature is based in his life experiences and also in the enviroment he was born in. The novel’s main idea is the totalitarism by hand of a leader called “The Big Brother” and it introduce you into an omnipresent context in which you cannot speak or even think if the Big Brother is not watching you, there think in a different way about things that said the Big Brother was ilegal and feel also, there were so many things that cause you the immediate death, but the Big Brother don’t kill people he just wait until night and he just make them disappear, that society was divided into some ministries that rule people and there people work and developed different occupations,other important fact to talk about when you read 1984 are the telescreens that also watch people all the time and are also used to show the transmitions of minutes to hate and there they can see a character whose thinking was different and revolutionary and when the people of the society saw that they were supposed to feel a lot of hate against him but what happens to our main character Winston was that he began to feel that think different wasn’t bad and he began to doubt and in the first five chapters he felt that in some moment he was going to be catched by the Big Brother and he will desappear forever and last but no least the newspeak that was a new language called newspeak and the principal objective of this language is to slowly eliminate a lot of vocabulary and different words because for them what isn’t in the language can’t be thinking and in that way people cannot think different and go against the rules of the Big Brother.
The cultures all around the world are so different and no one knows better about traditions and what happens in a country that a person who comes right from that place and before we could not know about other country situation but nowadays is so easy to share information by any way of communication and there are so many people who deny the current situation of the countries and one of them is a woman called Yoenmi Park and she made a video speaking the situation she suffers beside her family in North Korea and the situation is so similar to what happens in the book society because there they just got one TV channel and they could not watch movies, read books or even think in other thing that wasn’t the dictator Kim Jong-un and the situation there was so difficult and if you see the video you can feel the same impotence you feel reading the situation of Winston and his secret of being against the laws and rules of the Big Brother because in the video Yoenmi says that every time she saw the dictator she believed that he could read her mind just as Winston in 1984.
The people don’t really need to be governed by a dictatorship to feel that they are not free, freedom is a subjective concept but first let’s see what does it mean, freedom is the capacity of the conscience to think and act according to the own volition of the person but the question is if are you really free… Because maybe you think that as you do whatever you want in an specific time you are free but until what moment are you free.
Here in Colombia we can see a very clear the contrast with the North Korean culture because they are governed by a dictatorship and we are part of a democracy and the difference between this types of government is that in the dictatorship the person who creates the rules and do not listen suggestions of anyone and he makes his own laws for people to follow them and that’s it, but by the other hand in the democracy people participates and choose a leader and they can suggest new laws and all that stuff and the difference between this culture and the North Korean one is that Colombian people are more free than them because here people have more respect and tolerance for whatever they want to do, also here the rules are more flexibles and let people do so many things in North Korea they cannot do, for example in Colombia people can watch so many TV channels even the international channels also, here people can dress what they want and they can paint their hair if they want or get tattoos or whatever and there are a lot of things that the Colombian people can do that the North Koreans can’t and that does not mean that the Colombians are free, no one is really free because always there is going to be someone that control you directly or indirectly because when you are child the ones who control you in every aspect of your life are our parents in the school are your teachers, you grow up and when you have the age for being a adult you realize that there is a government and a police and you have to obey them just because since you were a child your family and your parents teach you to obey the rules and laws in every place or every situation so in this way we can see how people is prepared mentally for obey and not to be free and sometimes when people believe they are free is because they do things but for whom you do that things? You do it for you? Just because of your own volition? Or someone influence in some way there? The truly thing here is that you are always gonna do things for someone not just for you and is obviously that you do things for you but most of the time is for someone or to show something to a person and even in that insignificant aspects you are not free, you are not free when you are a child and you try so hard to be like someone and follow a example that you think is a good person or whatever, you are not free when you work for someone who can manipulate you and use you for his own benefit and that’s what the book shows us, a dictatorship in which people in any way can be free, only when they die and that’s not the idea.
The really strong argument to say you are not free also is because you are slave of money and you are not gonna be free in any aspect of your life if you are always thinking about money and not the really important things of life and that’s the fact that tell us that all you work for, all that really matters to you is always related with money because it controls your life even worst than an ugly girlfriend.
My conclusion is that you are not really free because there are always going to be someone that controls all what you do and also the intention with the one you do things and  in the book is represented in a extreme way but we can see that it currently happens as in North Korea and there is even worst so the true thing here is that even in a society that is life in favor of the expression and the protection to the human rights you are going to be always under the control of someone or something and you are not going to act in a free way and also 1984 is a very good novel and it has very different topics to talk about a have a good discussion.  bounce  bounce  bounce


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Your redaction was basically a couple of lines and then one biiiiiiiiiiiiiig paragrap with little punctuation... I read this in your voice (in my head, of course) and I felt you were going to suffocate! hahahaah

Setting those problems aside, your text manages a good English (a bit informal, at times) and the structure guides you with a clear intention.

You need to work on your punctuation and into making shorter paragraphs.

your grade is an 8


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