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In the first chapters of the bock of orweel we can see to the political match of “Big Brother”, this is about a “good” that is not a good but it lock like it´s, this one talk them by a TV only with he´s voice, but probably he do not exist and they only use this to control the people. This character, “big brother”, probably was inspire for those totalitrary leaders that was characterize for infuse a political fear and ok extreme reverence for the people, educating governmental intesitive publicity in values where individually thinking is see like a treason for society. But this do reference especially for the governments of communism and of the fascism, a good example of people that was of this movement can be Stalin a Hitler, particularly Stalin wo have more similitudes to the character of the novel, big brother.
Also we can talk of something interesting that wit the time that we read we can found, but whit the first chapter we can found something about this, this that I am talking is the orwelliana society this is to interesting because have a lot of similitudes whit award daily life, but after of explain the similitudes I am going to explain what is the orwelliana society. This society have his roots in the totalitarianism, but in the totalitarianism more extreme, some of the characteristics of the orwelliana society are:
• The Collective interests prevail over individual interests. Any decision will be made based on the impact on the collective.
• The Individual people become part of state ownership. They are denied any individual rights, especially freedom of thought and expression
• There is no privacy. Everything that happens in the personal or family ambit is of interest to the state.
• To avoid the organization of civil resistance, the groups of people with common interests are prohibited.
• The family is one of the greatest threats to the state. Children are encouraged to report behaviors of their own parents not approved by the State
• A cult is established to the personality of the leader of shift. Maybe even that leader is nothing more than a product of state propaganda, a fictitious image
• A state of permanent war against an outside enemy encourages the projection of frustrations and dissent towards a common enemy.
Applying those actions we can say that all signs of resistance in an orwelliana society in totally annulated. The consequence of this society in which all tur around to the spying of each one that live in that type of society also we can see that the free expression does not exist and also the privacy. After we analyses this society we can ask something like “why exist a lot of effort to create an orwelliana society? Some answer that a lot of people could say probably would be something like “for have a guaranty of peace and to the Trustworthiness of our country”. The leaders of the orwelliana society try to search the duration of its power, we now that to maintain the power is really difficult and require a lot of effort for the part of the leaders. The mayor fear that have the people that have a lot of power is to lose it, is because this they are whit the trust that they will go to the last consequence to guarantee its status and to prevalence the mayor time that they want in the power. The orwelliana society in a static society, in which the change is the enemy number one. Also is a society in which the Innovation do not exit. In this society an in the novel of 1984 we can see the importance of the technology in the society because this novel teach us what will happen if the technology will became owner of the collectivism. Also an orwelliana society in characterize because it citizens are monitored for its own leaders, the espionage is something indiscreet and whit any secret is the breath of each day. We can see each day of aware life that we live in a world in which we walk whit a sure step to a digital society.
A society in which the access to the knowledge that internet give to us was to slow but whit constant power nucleus. When this occur was wen Edward snowden decide to uncover the mayor scandal of the espionage to innocent citizens the PRISM, the government of the United States was monitoring the activities in the net of any people that have an account in one of the technological business that was involved in that problem like Apple, Google, Yahoo o Microsoft this technological business have to say important and private data of its users and also they have to have an permanent aces to its counts. This was uncover by snowden, he uncover the mayor constipation not only to the Americans also to all the world. This they do with the excuses of the national security because in that moment they need, whit this excuses they have personal data and also have break the privacy of a lot of users of those companies. Having nothing to hide is not the right attitude, this concept Winston have clear. Any excuses is god for label some public enemy and to be arrest, judge, and condenated y consequence. Something similar we can found in Colombia when the government try to investigate the private life of the journalists of the nation, the government say to the police that they have to filter their calls and search if they would tack about something that out in crisis to the Santos government. Finally some journalist put uncover to the government and they stablish his public complaints in which TV channels where affect. Other example in the actuality could be the social net for example like Facebook, and WhatsApp, this companies are so popular in the world and are so usefully for a lot of people in the world, in this socials net we can talk with a lot of people like our friends and family that is out of the country, but some people don’t use this only for that some people use this to send naked photos and to have hot conversation whit others, the most of the people that do this they think that anyone would see this things, but they don’t now that the companies have access to all those conversations and photos, so we can think that a lot of people that work in those places could see a nude. This could be god for a lot of people but for others this is bad because they are interrupting in the personal lives of the people something bad. Also other companies have access to the cameras of the computers and they could see what we are doing and they are espionage us, something similar to the last cases of the real life. We can see the espionage in a lot of cases like we see before, in social net, in technological business, and in political cases, something similar to big brother that the government have spying the people of its nation. But this is not the only similitude in real life whit the bock also we can see the physiological part in the bock.
Other thing that we can see in the novel is the part of the psychological manipulation, we can see this in practically all the novel, because like I say before the government is inspire in fascism and communism and if we do an investigation of this governments we can notice that was to injustice whit the people that live in those countries, and in those countries is too difficult that the people manifest ate the government because the government have to the people manipulated, an also in the part of physiological, because the people don’t manifest ate about this, and this is when the people have a manipulation, because the mayor of the people when they have problems they try to manifest ate those problematics, for example in Colombia when the people suffer an attack of the government they try to manifest ate march and protest to the government because the people now in the type of government that we are, and also now that we as citizen have rights and free expression, so if we now that the government have something to spy as we have and we probably are going to protest about that, for example if the government say something like “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” we as citizens that live in democracy and we have free expression and that we are free of take decisions and we have a right to have privacy, so if the government are espying us they are violating that rights like was passing in the bock. Also in some governments infuse fear in the people of the city, so this create a psychological manipulation because the people because fear can’t not express, because they can’t think that the same government can cause the dead to they. Also they tie to infuse fear to all the people that habit in that city, they tried to do dies to prevent a lot of things, and to have “peas”, and they manipulate their minds so for this they don’t have problems in the city, also because their minds of the adults are manipulated obviously the mined of the child’s also is going to be manipulates, this is because tradition, because the parents obviously is going to teach them that they have to be quieted because they cannot say noting to the government because the government can do something bad whir them.
Whit all those thing we can conclude that the novel have a lot of things to say to us and also a lot of things to compare whit the real life or whit the conidian live, also we can notice a lot of manipulation in the person, wow the style of government can change award life, and award mined, and wow a government can change and control aware life and whit simple factor they can do for example like I say after, the social net they are too simple and we can think that the only person that have access to does counts but we think bad, that counts have access to a lot of people, and can see award private things, so whit this bock we can see and we are going to see all the things all of those thing about espying especially whit big brother and remember “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” .


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