1984, the epitome of a consumed society

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1984, the epitome of a consumed society

Post by JARodriguezF11A on Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:26 pm

1984 relates a dystopia of a society fully controled by an omniscient government, a totalitarian regime is imposed, which denies any possibility to show any kind of expression and almost every action, like freedom, love, sex, social participation, even art and music. The goverment controls any single aspect of the social context, people do what the party wants to. The absence of almost everything drove people to a non-thinking state, where they just do what the have to without saying a single word, and they already are used to that, following the all-powerful Big Brother maximum authority, a leader which is admired by everyone, known as the savior and the protector. His slogan, "Big Brother is watching you" is spread all over the places, as an extremist propaganda, even inside the residences of everyone there would be a massive poster of a man that gives the feeling of oppression, fear, repression, and constant vigilation. Then we have people that are either conscious or unconscious about the situation, some people do not care at all, others just have to behave good for not dying, because if someone reveals against, they would dissapear forever, and nobody would ever know where did they go. We also have Emmanuel Goldstein, also known as "the enemy of the village", a man that once was one of the main political figures of the party, almost having the same importance as the Big Brother, but later he revealed and was condemned to death but escaped somehow and currently (in the chapter) is the leader of the revolution. People is constantly 'educated', the government fills them with rage and fear, but most with ignorance, as they laught about a person being killed and a women and her kid being bombed. Well Winston says "(...) nobody cares what the proles say (...) typical prole reaction (...)".

The dystopia described in the book resembles reality quite a lot. Extracting the characteristics that make 1984 be a dystopia are the lack of fundamental rights, the totalitarism, the opression, the repression, the abolute ignorance, etc.; are things actually happening currently. Maybe Orwell's novel has an accurate precision because there are problems that will happen. For instance if there's a book about people having to travel to Mars as there is not water and resources, and people make a war for who is going or not; this is a reality, and it might not happen as well, but it is known that wayer is going to end with natural resources, and that pollution will take over the atmosphere, extinguishing species on Earth. Orwell did a thing, wrote a book extrapolating the problems he had in the moment he was writing the book, his inspirations were taken from his everyday life, with a little bit of fiction. The fact that as time passes we are getting even more controlled is something ignored by most of the people, laws are getting over everything as we can not behave with having certain rules that do not make us to kill someone just because. North Korea is an accurate example of what a very controlled country is, where is told that people can not leave and that they are fully controlled. Human history has showed as how raw and cold can people live, for example the WW1 and WW2 portraited some cases of people living in the worst imaginable conditions, and rulers that show no mercy for everyone except himself.

It is a fact that life has greatly improved in contrast with a 1700' Earth. Evidently, there are more rights for people, and there more acceptance and equality for races, genders and sexuality of people who had appaling conditions. But as this happens, new technology has developed, like the TV, the phones, computers, among many other devices that make easier life. This grants advantages, like entertaining people with reality shows and movies. As this happens, people become more individual and prefer a TV show than reading about life condition in other places, ignorances grows within the mind of people, and they slowly become less aware of the rest. New laws have been implemented, but they limit people partially or totally of doing something they like to, and people want that, only caring about themselves, like for example the Trump's case: Americans wanted everyone out minus caring about all, USA becomes slowly and independent country which hates South America, and more than the half of their citizens are happy of  having a president that promises death and war for becoming stronger. We also have the Palestine-Syria case, the wars in Turkey, Mexico, Iran, etc., are taking all over. And inside many countries there are civil wars, people fighting for something they chosed, and the world becomes a battlefield for the survival of the strongest. Daily massive violations, massive kills, kidnapping people, fights, occur. Local drug trafficking take place in the place you least expect.

If that is not enough, we have the global warming, the contamination, the pollution. Species get extinguished every week, as animal abuse is a fashion. It is so common to watch a bullfight, or to see how animals are produced in a very high rate to satisfy the very high demand. I mean, in the past humans also ate meat, but the production of meat implied more sanity, and no special medicaments for forced growing. Before, the tree growing rate was higher than now, we cut more trees than the trees that start growing. It is just insane, we are living the worst dystopia that we could not even describe, as time passes, humanity not only degenrates itself but the things around him too. The "humanity" concept is now taking what we can to survive individually, creating laws for breaking them and for controlling us.

We are a dystopia, we do not let eachothers to have freedom, to love, to express themselves, to participate, etc., just as the Big Brother did with citizens. The only difference is that we are all the Big Brother, we are the epitome of a consumed society, aiming to a hopeless future that we are building since long time ago.


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Re: 1984, the epitome of a consumed society

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:32 pm

The text follows a decent order and has a clear intention. the conclusion could have been more elaborated but it delivers.

Your grade is an 8


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