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(Pseudonym of Eric Blair, Motihari, India, 1903 - London, 1950) British writer. He studied at Eton College and later joined the Imperial British Police in Asia, an experience that led him to write Days in Burma (1934).
He lived for several years in Paris and London, where he knew poverty; Of this difficult period of its life was born its novel Sin White in Paris and in London (1933).
His experiences as a Republican collaborator in the Spanish Civil War (Orwell was socialist) collected them in his interesting book Tribute to Catalonia (1938). During World War II he was part of the Home Guard and acted on English radio. In 1943 he entered the editorial office of the Tribune newspaper, and then regularly collaborated in the Observer. During this period he wrote many of his essays.
This author wrote a work whose name is 1984 This story is developed in 1984, in the city of London, in Oceania (there are three states: Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia), which are controlled by the Great Brother who with great power manages to watch over all the inhabitants. It represents an organized society, which follows the principles of INGSOC (English socialism).
There are two social classes, the GH and the proletariat, and there are slaves who are not considered part of society.
Within the GH, there is a division that is given by: inner party (upper class) and outer party (middle class). The latter are the most persecuted, observed at all times through TV screens of his life and are analyzed.
With respect to the proletariat, they were not watched because they considered them animals and ignorant, that lived in the misery and had no rights, by which they were eliminated if they were dangerous for the party.
In addition, there were four ministries (ministry of truth, peace, love and abundance), whose function is to monitor and transform everything that damages the party. Winston Smith, is one of the main characters of the novel, and works for the party that governs Oceania, in which GH is the highest representative, which is unknown or unknown.
His work in the ministry of truth is to falsify documentation so that it responds to what the party wanted people to believe.
The GH demanded that its officials attend sessions and in this way ensured that they kept their love for the leader.

This work has a relation with the monarchy since as previously said the slavery is represented in this history as we know and we have knowledge the monarchy was the way in which a town was legally represented of unjust way since in the superior part of this one Was the king and the queen at the end of this was the workers, taking into account this part should be considered unfair since all as a society before and now we must have the same treatment and social stratum, now if the time ahead a few years Then it is seen as the monarchy begins to disappear but the same concept is maintained that there must be people with better stabilities to others, then please this is something that has no coherence because it is done ?, simply something called ignorance that means this? That people with a higher or more important "rank" make this happen because of the education you teach them or simply because of the everyday things they see and apply it to their lives affecting others, it is clear that all these things do not They do it of their own volition but also by the profits that are going to obtain in a future, but of course that to the whole society, regardless of its stratum, the money attracts the attention causing them to commit this type of injustices (in some people, they do not apply in general).
The point is that things should not be like this, then because if there are social strata because they do not separate society by its features ?, by their indifference ?, clearly they are not going to do it, because it relates slavery to strata ?, Because they were rules created by the policy and that should be followed, therefore, it is not appropriate what is done. Now if we move away from slavery let us take the idea of vigilance, please be ignorance, the more ignorance increases, so that they need to watch over a society which almost eighty percent is aware of what it does, not to take evil It is totally different, to watch to take care, when the term is used it refers to that someone is always aware of what others do, while caring refers to helping someone who needs it without always being with him or her.
In the novel mention a character called Winston Smith who falsified the documentation of the inhabitants, now taking an example of politics in Colombia simply takes corruption, why ?, simply because you get the easy money in this way, should have more Conscience in this part, that if there is a function to win this way palta ?, of course yes, since it does not have to do anything, but because it should be so ?, because they have to have if they work to get everything with hard work or with Sacrifices, it would take too long to be changed anyway. But there are too many solutions that at this moment can be developed to be able to obtain positive results or the results that all we want to obtain is simply to contribute a grain of sand of each of the individuals in the society, continuing with the subject of the work is a work Quite profound in the part of the message since it explains how, who, and who is a society, and does so in a dynamic way, not only is a book in which the reader acquires information and acquires, but also lives it, and The idea of a novel or work is that, live it and not read it
"The important thing is not to stay alive, but to stay human." George Orwell
In this sentence, it is seen as previously stated is expressed by the same author of 1984 George Orwell, "the important thing is not to stay alive, this part is important is not to read, but to remain human, this part would be but live what read, the same author says that one should live the reading, although one is reading.
In conclusion, the novel is a part of society summarizing it, but only to understand society is not only to read about it, but to study it, analyze it, detail it, and live in it, but the most important thing is to live it as You think you should do it.


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This text does not follow the specifications of an argumentative essay and lacks an intention.

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