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Post by NRodriguezA11A on Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:33 pm

Nicolás Rodríguez Ayala
Mister Juan Pablo Fajardo
1984 A book that shows the way in which the people lose their liberty, their thinkings, their lifes, a world that could have a total relation with an orphanage, a jail or an assylum, a time where al lis denied and the people still not thinking about the kind of power they have in the momento they get join with others, they don´t know how powerful are their ideas when they try to shoot them to the government, they are still being arranged to the fear of advanced a Little bit more that every day, the way in which a Word could créate a path of thoughts that impulse all the good ones to the corrupt people places, a life where the union does not make the force because the loneliness they are creating on each one make them weak and also make them lose the hope in front of all the problems until the momento in whin¡ch they throw all and get coupled with that horrible “life” of total missery.
An orphanage where a girl lives, where hopes and dreams are allways present, when the people only expect being take by a good family to a new house, to a new home where all the bad things would be liven back and new things come for the future, but know, is the same thing that 1984 world, where the peolpe lose it all, where theay could not have a family, where they lose the real home they have o the real home they dream with.
They lose also the way in which you could create frienships without being afraid of the acussation of them or that they leave for any reason, leaving someone with the pain and the feeling of loneliness, the same feeling that make them be sad and attached to the only true companny that would be themselves , the way in which they lose their liberty by the excess of loneliness and abandonment that make them be totally dependats to be with Company, or dependant of the loneliness.
A liberty taken from that kids by their fathers when they leave them of¡n that jail of kids or when something natural kill there families and they are condened to the sad life of a renegated kid with out father, without family, without being sure of themselves, of the others, of the promesses.
“you always have to be a good child” people said, the one that could be an example for others and make that the people that arrive there searching a son or a daugther would take them home, and not being the one any family want to take, they want yu to be what they choose you to be, at the same way in which in the book you are all the time managed by the rules of the superiors, the rules of that cowards that are cover with reachness, and lack of inteligence.
You are always observed, by superior, by parents, by kids, by yourself, always observed, always criticized by how you act, or how you made the things, even if they are not capable of doing the same awesome things. Always observed as the BIG brother, always pursued as a murder or a delincuent.
They have take our liberty, as a piece of something, as a material good because they start destroying ourselves and we don´t take into account all that, they start destroying liberty, destroying all we know because they only think in power, in moeny, in godos, in their lifes, they like to pass over others heads as steps of the satirs, taking them higher and us to the forgotten, they like to dissapear the proves that we exist, the facts of being alive, the way in which we have rigths, they like to dissaper the evidence of us, as the goverment of nowadays, because for them is not neccesary that the people start having hope of a new world, a new beginning, a new history…fo them is only necessary take them as animals as the way they want.
“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?” Mahatma Ghandi.
Alll the things have been showed to us as good things, whether being orphan and finding a family is well or by the other side being over horrbles rules imposed and showed as good principles is the way in which all the things are going to something better day by day. But that is not like that because in that way we are loosing the essential of the life by lot of lies they love saying, and we love believing each one of those until the point we make it something essential, a kind of creed.
They acostumed us to be dumb, to be ignorants, to believe what they say, to don´t thing beyond the things you saw, or beyods the things you hear of each one of thoses betrayers.
“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela.
In that way we can see that you cannot live well is you lose your liberty even if you could go wereever you want but you are pursued by all the people saying what you are ougght to do or not in your life, and how doing the contrary must deserve the death.
Leaving on a orphanague is as living on 1984 time, you are oblied to be an image, a doll, something could be managed.
They are attached to the pace because they have no more tan that, they don´t have someone that could take care of them, they have no someone that make the life easier.
In the same way the old people in the assylum, are arranged to be there by obligation with people ttaking care of them, that people that also make them bad things, and their hearts hurts, and alll the things they saw are totally of suffering, of pain, of sadness, is being attached to a world of lies in which some people say lies for protecting you, other for don´t making you suffer, others because they wanna saw you suffer, anothers because hate the way in which they live interrumping others life, in the same way 19984 shows how they need them for any reason, could be because they need people for work for them and help them to construct and construct more, but the day in which alll that people die, they would not have power again, and they will kill themselves, thats why they need them to fees their ignorance, to feed their empty wishes, all that soulless people only thing on having good things by pthers work, without valoring that, witout taking into account how much they do for their principals, how much they suffer.
In the way of the assylums they leave the charges of taking care of an old human beign…what irony, the parents of them, the ones that take care of those baby, now doesn´t have the attention of them and only are throw as trash, in the same way with 1984 when you start thinking about the people that serves to the boss, to the ones that comand them, the one that earn by sleeping and make others suffer. Ut they need them, they need them for grow, they need them for BE, but them they trow them as garbash when they notice that alll they need is done, and know are only inservibles beings.
“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” Henry David thoreau
When we start obeying to a potence, to a power, to people without good arguments, with reach ones…you must not let them win in the batttle of words, in the battle of lies, because in thst way you will continue being the one that day per day is forced to rewrite lies, forced to ate what they think you deserve, to wait for the right family, or for the ones preffer you even if you are different.
“I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.” Theodore Roosevelt
You must defend your rights, what you learn cleanly, purely and honestly, not the things you knew by seeing unfair things, seeing people die in front of you because they used to live in a way and now they are used to loosing all, to crying the things they lose, to forgot all they know only for the horrible sincretism of bad thougts of the principals, the directions of the liers, the world …the new world created by tyrants that doesn´t understand that all the people are equal, all the people deserve the things they fight for, and no one manage the life of others, decide for them or even try to change that things by the thougts of themselves.
How they even destroy and doens´t think about how would feel them if their family felt in the same hole of unhopeless days? Would they beg for help, for unfair things, for equality, for someone who could take them to the glory, to sabe them, would they beg for that?
In conclusión exist many worlds of missery, of bad things, that we do not deserve, that we try it for free but oblied only for the people choose that destiny for us, how all the days we are loosing the liberty in the cotidianity by being sure of others and believing on them, believing that they would be different, that they would help us, only because they are humans, humans that wants the best for us, as the things they do where for them, and that i sour problema, the problema of trusting on anyone that tries to show new things to others, how we believe on that, how you keep falling in the same mistakes and we don´t learn of that, we don´t learn of how difference the leaders from the boss, the killer, from the savier, the one that constructs and the one that destroys.
Our problem is that the day in which all things happen to us, and we are so destryed, we would not learn, we would not let all them to a side, because we give our capability to them, because we help them to arrive to the top of all the things, we gave them POWER of destroying us in each step of our lives since we choose them.
We are sorround of worlds of privating the liberty in different ways, but from the same initial point, we could change all if we take concience of this now, if we learn how to identify liers, when we wish a good life, and not the same things those tyrans wish.
We don´t need to arrive until the point in which we couln´t do anything for change or something for us for understandig we are falling on the same mistake.

"Sitting in that gap and getting as far as possible, Winston could keep out of the reach of the tele-screen ..." george Orwell 1984
You got not privacity, you got not life, because they don´t want you to learn, to even think.
Taking into account all we notice that we can´t continue like that, and that now that book is only a fictional and dictatorial text but if we still leaving the people do whatever they want we would finish in the same way or even worst.
Take into account that every day in many ways your are loosing your freedom, you are loosing your esence only for others, only for empty things, for moments, for worst memories, for places, for leaving other decide over you, for leaving yourselve alone, for letting the loneliness govern you, for leaving your life in others hands, that only destroy, hurt and se you.
Think about all, ass the saem way the old people is attached to a place without freedom because a ill or their family, an orphan is there, because bad decissions or sad consequences of life, and wiston wiith that life that could not be called life, because only gives sadness and suffering.
Wake up with wishes and go to sleep like a winner, don´t forgot the esence the others take from you.


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Re: final paper

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:16 pm

This text is by no means an essay, it lacks the structure, the purpose or the redaction. You use sentences which are too long and so, they are difficult to understand. Your spelling is poor and your grammar needs attention in the use of past participles and third person concordance.

your grade is a 4


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