Reflected Words,Similar Realities-1984 and North Korea

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Reflected Words,Similar Realities-1984 and North Korea

Post by LGFierroH11A on Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:24 pm

Ludy Gabriela Fierro Heredia
Bilingual School
English Literature Final Paper

1984 and North Korea

The whole world knows that this book by the time of its publication was the omen or prediction of the future cities and governments with regard of humanity and its manageable and often (nowadays) weak order, everything of this supposition from the book to the reality is reflected in the control and totalitarianism that is in constant development trying to extinguish freedom, trying to take away our true sense as human beings that can think, create, and be authentic. But the question now is, what assures us that today in this precise moment we do not have somewhere a reality like the one that 1984 presents? Knowing about general history and culture or studying a little more about the politics that moves and rules the world it can be presented the more assertive answer to this question, which unfortunately has its own name and even location, simply is North Korea, lest start by knowing how by the extremely inhumanly this country is known worldwide and in this way, mix the plot of 1984 with this country for see the same sad reality we don’t think actually exist.

“North Korea is widely accused of having one of the worst human rights records in the world.[227] North Koreans have been referred to as "some of the world's most brutalized people" by Human Rights Watch, because of the severe restrictions placed on their political and economic freedoms.[228][229] The North Korean population is strictly managed by the state and all aspects of daily life are subordinated to party and state planning. Employment is managed by the party on the basis of political reliability, and travel is tightly controlled by the Ministry of People's Security.[230]

Amnesty International reports of severe restrictions on the freedom of association, expression and movement, arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment resulting in death, and executions.[231] North Korea applies capital punishment, including public executions. Human rights organizations estimate that 1,193 executions had been carried out in the country as of 2009” – “North Korea”. of September 2016.

How much it costs our freedom? Which is the price of it? This are eternal questions that runs in the mind of all the citizens who have the misfortune to live in that distant country, even for our imagination from this different side of the world it is difficult to idealize or visualize it, just as the book of George Orwell in which it would be more realistic to called people slaves instead of citizens. Now how we can see better the relation of North Korea and 1984? Well the next point that justify this is a psychological aspect that has a really big relevance in the story and if we analyze nowadays too, it is based on the new thoughts that the children of that new generations have, as we may see in the book there’s a part in which our brave Winston has the opportunity to analyze or see the children of his neighbor Mrs. Parsons, the behaviors they have in presence of him are something maybe he will never forget because is the imminent sign that says that future generations are not even taught to think for themselves first, or think and love those who have given them life and maintained them in the precarious stage of childhood, The children are programmed to love politically the parties and the system of government that they don’t truly know, they are programmed to act in their favor without doubting, but why?

In North Korea, the education is likely to be good in general (for the privileged ones that may have access to it), schools teach good and are developed well  in different fields and subjects but unfortunately  the government do this without forgetting that they must in any area inculcate love for the regime they live, they love and truly respect the government that manipulates them, then under the excuse of learning they make more ignorant  the people and also they manipulate the information as they want for see how  the children of Korea only involve their feelings with the knowledge that refers to the regime and the government (this is kind of the Winston work), to love it blindly without doubting just as the children of Mrs. Parsons the neighbor of Winston. They know that they cannot easily deceive the old people who know how to differentiate better between what the government do and what it is just fair, that is why they attack directly the young people and the children, and why Winston and O’Brien hesitate about the party, the ministries, and the Big Brother, because they knew how was the world before all of them. And they did not grow up loving them like the children of the present of the book.

This let us now find and develop another idea that provides fundaments to the relationship of 1984 and North Korea that stablishes that this country mentioned is that reality described in 1984, and this idea is based in the concept of “The Brotherhood”, the organization that we can see as the resilient and despised minority that the government hates, and is constantly trying to eliminate and not just by the concept of its existence, they even try to convince people this organization is just a rumor about an organization that mustn’t exist in that supposedly perfect system they have. They want to make it look like an example of a non-necessary resistance that is non-existent and that should never be created for the well-being of all, and this is the same method for treat an opposition resistance against the government in  North Korea, also they never wait for the true birth of opposition resistance, and even it is not  delegated to be considered as a rumor as it is done in the book sometimes, it is strictly stated that it is forbidden to speak about an alleged resistance.

Of this deliberately follows the government's treatment of people so what happens if the people doubt? They torture them in every way to rectify or remind them that they are not the owners of their minds or their bodies, what if they disobey? A cruel and ruthless death is the only destiny they have, this is represented and good exemplified in both of the realities we are analyzing, the one of the book and the one of the Asian country, the torture and the murders from that tyrannical perspective are the best way to control people and convince them of something they  don’t believe or even know, because despite all the fictitious screens and symbolic curtains that both situations have ,the truth is that for them it works  too well stupid and ignorant people that can be molded to the preference of those who have the aggressive power in their hands.

Those who has power in their hands knows that everybody must obey and give respect for them even in their thoughts, but what they can do for manage completely the main behaviors of a humans and repress their future desires? For answer this we must know there is a process that involves as we say before the repress of basic concepts of humanity such as think, analyze and doubt by using an efficient and massive vigilance system that not only see or presents what are you doing or what are you’re supposed to do, it may interpret and almost even describe what you really think and what are your truly thoughts about all. This topic of the vigilance from the government to the citizens and the people is a delicate part of the argumentation of this idea because maybe considering the references of this system in the book we can think that its validity in the plot is fanciful (considering reality) but constant, unfortunately efficient, and forceful.

In North Korea most of this past characteristics are the adjectives for a massive vigilance system that represent the constant view and revision of the acts and decisions of everybody but the only main difference of this system in Korea between 1984 is that although its system does not have so great amplitude and fantastic characterization in relation to the technological advances or uses the country can employ, it determines a massive surveillance (vigilance) just by seeing people's feelings and their body language, government pretend it watch us and control us over something that we cannot easily transform within ourselves and it is necessarily to express or expose it  in one way or another. They handle you and watch you with what they know you cannot hide and basically this means there is no promise from the “Big brother” and the eternal cameras everywhere because they know that your own feelings can make you fall to the torture and the death.

Now comes a relationship that derives from the oppressive vigilance of the government towards the people, this relationship consists a little in something that we mentioned before with respect to education and the manipulation of information of what is taught by the government of North Korea, emphasizing more in this area we will take the general manipulation of the information by the government, and why this is derived from the oppressive vigilance? Because the erroneous information that the ignorant people acquires causes that they don’t doubt about what it was said to them and the process of monitoring (in the case of 1984) or look out the people (in case of North Korea) becomes easier. This now works as an introduction of the general manipulation of media in North Korea and in 1984, this is a good moment for remember the main job of Winston and see how symbolically there are people in Korea who work in the same as him under an alleged "ministry of truth" and not just with the newspaper, any mean of transmission of a message must be judged, regardless of whether it has artistic or informational objectives. The media in general cannot be authentic.

“Government policies towards film are no different than those applied to other arts—motion pictures serve to fulfill the targets of "social education". Some of the most influential films are based on historic events (An Jung-geun shoots Itō Hirobumi) or folk tales (Hong Gildong).[338] Most movies have predictable propaganda story lines which make cinema an unpopular entertainment. Viewers only see films that feature their favorite actors.[346] Western productions are only available at private showings to high-ranking Party members,[351] although the 1997 Titanic is frequently shown to university students as an example of Western culture.[352] Access to foreign media products is available through smuggled DVDs and television or radio broadcasts in border areas.[353]

North Korean media are under some of the strictest government control in the world. Freedom of the press in 2013 was 177th out of 178 countries in a Reporters Without Borders index.[354] According to Freedom House, all media outlets serve as government mouthpieces, all journalists are Party members and listening to foreign broadcasts carries the threat of a death penalty.[355] The main news provider is the Korean Central News Agency. All 12 newspapers and 20 periodicals, including Rodong Sinmun, are published in the capital.” “North Korea” of September 2016.

The previous brief contextualization wants to affirm the previously proposed relationship, because it is evident in  North Korea the strict management that they have with different parts or branches of the media , besides this here enters the distribution, adaptation and prohibition of these ones .Because we see that members of the party are those who have real benefits considering the media, they are those who know the reality and manage the people how they want, they can see what others do not, in the same way they have more than enough true information that between the citizens is scarce and they transform it for its  own benefit just like the ministry of the truth, we should not forget under the previous contextualization that there is a certain limit of exemplifications about other cultures outside of them because just as in the book 1984 culture seems to die under globalization, treaties, political interests and a constant and terrible regime that contains and represses  all freedom around.

To conclude all that has been treat  and evidenced in this essay it is good to say at this point that under arguments and examples unfortunately we already have a reality quite similar to the one presented in the book by George Orwell “1984”, We have the same military oppression that incites pure violence and sadness among people, we have the same constant regime that closes many doors of human life no matter what, In which of the two realities is more free the man? we certainly don’t know because of the two painful similarities between them but unfortunately we can affirm that the social omen of 1984 was fulfilled, it is already present and is developed by collecting the lives, hopes and inspirations of each of the citizens of North Korea that in addition to all of this mentioned they lose the true meaning of freedom and what they can do with it, this kind of situations make us appreciate more how much or little we have and we can have. Maybe we do not own many things but the few that we have are enough under this changing society which exemplified in literature and day-to-day shows us that reality surpasses fiction considering the value of our freedom as human beings. Our fundamental rights and obligatory duties that underlie the necessary balance of the world and what we are.



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Re: Reflected Words,Similar Realities-1984 and North Korea

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Your organization is quite good, argumentation is quite good, yet the sources are not so "amazing". There are grammar mistakes in the use of third person, and your little trick of adding a synonym after a word in order to occupy more words is over used Razz

Your grade is a 9. congratulations, pretty well done.


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