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In an alleged police society, the state has gained total control over the individual.
There is not even a loophole for personal intimacy: sex is a crime, emotions are forbidden, worship of the system is the condition to stay alive.
The Thought Police will be responsible for torturing the conspirators to death, even though it is necessary to accuse the innocent.

This basically resume what we are going to see in this story.
Orwell is known as the father of the dystopias and he show us how he saw the world in the age 1984, and as we saw in the resume at the beginning this dystopic world is not easy.

Or main character is called Winston Smith a normal person like you and me, the thing is that he life in a world that is control of the Big Brother that are his leader and controls London with a system in which the people life in a system that consist in: Born, Learn what we teach you, Work, Continue your life if you want and finally die, is actually what we do nowadays but the difference is that they are living in a control system in which the principal slogan are:


Actually nowadays we can life with those “laws” because it doesn´t affect our lifes, but are we agree with those parameters, most of us will say that no but why if you’ll continue your life as nothing happens around you, the thing is since we were kids we learn something that we define as good or evil and we have seen many things in our life, we learn to stop making mistakes in a future.

In this world first war is peace, the end justify the actions? In most of the cases but in this cases we are talking about a war, we don´t know if it is world or just civil but I think that as humans we can find new methods to find the peace, a clear example, nowadays in Colombia the treaty with the F.A.R.C it takes 4 year aprox. To find a ways in which both sides can find the peace also we can forget that were many years ago in which it a was a war to obtain the power by the force but that way just causes that every side keeps in their territories, so if nowadays we can talk to find something we call peace, why they don´t?

Second freedom is slavery, at this part I can see the truth but principally in the story, Winston tell us that there no laws but they must take care about the thought police and also the normal police, so even if they don´t have rules why they must be controlled for something that is more dark, they control your thinking!!! I know that the way in which you learn things are the same things as you act in your life but if you don´t think as the government wants you just only disappear, they sell you the idea o freedom but you stay in a constant state of slavery is like a submissive existence they are telling you don´t think because we think for you, so even if you think you´re free you are just controlled by someone that considers that the ignorance is strength

Third ignorance is strength, is a good strategy to keep control the people and there´s something that I have heard since I was a child and it was the ignorance is the happiness and is true but also the ignorance makes you weak and a government that is weak is not a effective government, there´s a part in the book in which the adults life in a constant statement of silence but the kids are the ones who grow with the happiness because they don´t know anything else thats why because the childhood is more easy to control than the adults, the adults have remembers of the past as that’s the things that makes they decide if they follow the Big Brother or go against that, the childhood can´t missing something they don´t know.

Is suppose that you must have a life in peace that’s why all body are “friends” they don´t use the word neighbourhood they use the word comrade to have a more strength relation even if they never been seen before

They control your feelings, they have something call 2 minutes hate, you can´t express nothing but they call that freedom, freedom is slavery.

All this system is based on the fear, Winston tell us that before of the actual government there was a revolution, a war, so this system use the idea of security, the people must have fear for the things they don´t know, the things that the government don´t let they know, there is a common saying that is confuse and reign, they use that to keep the power.

Another example in the actuality can be Venezuela, nowadays they are having heavy problems in all the stuffs, as in 1984 Winston says that he was scare to write in a journal, in less words the paper is forbidden as same that in Venezuela the hygienic paper don´t arrive to the market, they are limiting their necessities, their work and their opinion, you can´t get out of the country, there is no way to scape they are limiting you

Orwell was against the imperialist, and he is showing how this are in the world of 1984, the government as I said before try to put inside you their thinking also they are using a military power with the idea of the police and the though police and finally the economy with all the ministries.

The world of 1984 has their own culture, has their own language call newspeak that actually is not a original name for a language, has their own customs as the two minutes hate, their own books because the information was monitored by the government

Also he was against the totalitarianism and we saw the government in which you can be part but following the rules of the Big Brother, and many of the characteristics and if you go in the wrong way you die, they shoot you or you just disappear.

Also he defends the social justice so I thought that he represents himself in the character of Winston, a man who most of his life know what was wrong and rigth and try to do something but the scare don´t let him until he PARTICIPO in the civil war (Spanish civil war in the case of Orwell)

So... now we know how is the life of a common men in 1984 but what would happen if he was a girl, I can´t say who is the weak sex but I can say that as a girl the things wold be different because are the social pressure, the ones that continue thinking that the women are the weak sex, the violence and the limitations in life, work and necessities.

In 1984 you can see that the women are limited with the house work and if you want a work you are like the MONJAS in the religion, you work in things that don´t have a really importance in the politic as the girl that Winston saw in the two minutes hate that works in the fictional department writing novels and she is part of the Junior Anti-Sex Language recognized for the scarlet sash that mean that she must keep their chastity.

The sex is a crime, and in most of the cases the women are seeing as sexual objects, and theres something in the human nature that is the thing that the things that are forbidden NOS ATRAEN, so there is danger everywhere even if they say that there is no rules, you must to follow some ideas but those ideas are an obligation, and the women don´t do anything because they grow and have the thinking that they just only must have a perfect image and have classic values and continue with the values that they are learning to have a life in peace.

As nowadays we have continuous problems about that because are we the same ones who don´t value us so we are the ones who teach the society that we are weak and we don´t do anything, is sad because there are many women that say how is possible we nobody defend our rights but why we must to wait for someone to defend us when we can do also.

So even the things in the world of 1984 are hard, the women don´t help themselves, so if Winston were a girl the things could be more difficult just because of the society don´t let the women be part of the important things by the other hand the government control their thoughts and their participation a limited, as a women that practically are not the open doors for anyone.

Winston works in the truth ministry checking and changing the information for the Big Brother that is work that have a big weight in the image of the Big Brother.

When he was in the 2 minutes hate there was a image of Emmanuel Goldstein: enemy of the country, was a rumour that says that were some insurgents and he was part of them, if were Winston I would take that information and try to find them and also find a way to stop all this crazy idea of government and change the things, open the eyes to the people.

And also we can see the prole ones that are those type of people that don´t do anything but don´t pass for the government, are like the homeless don´t affect us but they have their own groups so that is the why can be SOSPECHOSOS in most of the cases.

Nowadays we follow a religion or we just follow some ideas but at the final of the day all of us follow the basic rules as no kill, no steal, etc and our way to be are influence by the religion even if you say that no, your parents teach you some values that they learn in their lifes and also by their parents too, and most of the things you learn are based on the 10 commandments, so as the same way in which the religion influences us, are part of our life and our thinking, the party wants the same to their people, until some day you just only learn that by inertia, be completed devoted of the system without the necessity of the fear because you also born with that fear.
The religion is a big business that probably in its beginning were with good ideas of changing but at the final finish with the idea of power, money and control, in the same way that the church was the one who got the power when Spain conquest the new world, also we can avoid that are people that really are making something good but the corruption of the initial point srew all the process and change that someone tries to make, so in this case the party was a entity who promise the peace if they elect them as their future, but at the final the sold a little part base in the fear and the middle knowledge.

As a conclusion, it was 1984 a prediction of how would be the end of the human society or was what Orwell saw as the beginning of something big and near, but the final thing is, now a days are we down from a system as the party in 1984 or we are just finishing to create something that Orwell saws, because as same the people in 1984 don´t see the things that were happening around them and just continue with their lifes and don´t know nothing, why we not be living the same thing but we are influence by the government and as I say before, we are the new generation, we learn what our parents teach us and we get costume to this society so we don´t miss what we don´t know, we life with fear or we just ignore that fear and the true because the ignorance is the happiness.


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1. resume = curriculum vitae (as noun) or synonym of continue (as verb)

This writing does not follow the structure of an essay as it does not present clear arguments for a purpose, it just states facts about the source text.

your grade is a 5, considering the low quality of the grammar employed in it and the continuous use of words in Spanish.


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