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“History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”
― Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

George Orwell in his book 1984 show us another perspective about history and even about our future, the writing talks about a man called Winston Smith which lives in a society that prohibits  everything,  this include sex, love, thinking etc. The people that “doublethink” are hanged in a park for everyone that wants to see can go, Winston along the text develop criteria that open his eyes and with this he realize that the Big Brother must be overthrown, the story unfolds slowly but always maintains alive the spark of intrigue, the fear plays an important paper In this book like in our history.

Terror is a constant in life since the past, present (now) and to the future, I consider that 1984 is a representation or a parallel world of a specific moment that mark history, in some way nowadays the government control almost every breath we breathe, we have to follow the rules even if we think is wrong, we do unconsciously what the politics say for instance when we vote for someone without knowing anything about this person,  all of this has been a process that as final result can be the society of Winston Smith, to know why this is happening and to make a change we have to go back to the history of humanity.

There are many moments in history that can explain why our currently society is full of bad things and people that don’t care about the others, or explain why exist the corruption, also we can know why the money manage the world, our ancestors made mistakes for us to learn, a clear example of this is in the book of George Orwell the author show the society of that epoch, the mistakes, the people, the different rules etc..  When we sit down to think we realize that many things haven’t change, taking into account what wrote George I comprehend that all refer to one of the worst wars that have ever happened on planet earth.

In 1939 starts the Second World War when Germany declared as enemy United Kingdom, like in all the wars each country must have a leader in the case of Germany and of the Nazi party was Adolf Hitler a man always in a military suit, with a strong mustache and a strong character, in that epoch people believe he was the best for that position, his face was pasted in the banners along Germany, the Jews were scared of him and of his thoughts,  this historical character is so similar to the description that give to us Orwell about the Big Brother, both of them were the leaders of the party, also they have in common some of the physical characteristics, they want to control everything in their countries, and they murder innocent people just because they don’t do or think differently than the one established by them, in some manner Hitler have the support of most of the people, also Big Brother, in Germany they killed the Jews and in the story of 1984 they killed all those that “doublethink”.

The Nazi party is so similar to the one invented in the book of Orwell, for example the use of slogans, in the war time Hitler created a lot of different slogans for give support and force to the town, one of the slogans more used say "The German always before the foreigner and the Jews!", in the text appeared many times slogans of Big Brother the same as different propaganda to show the power of the party, one of the coincidences  that I found between this historical moment and the writing is that they change all for their benefit the newspapers were manipulated, books, art, music, theater, films, radio, educational materials etc. One of the best scenes of 1984 to represent the manipulations of the people is when the citizens of the society of Winston Smith believe that the dose of chocolate increase when the truth was that it decrease, this show us the disbelief, the lack of education and free thought that people suffer because of the bad leaders who were in charge of the country, another thing that influenced the mind was The hate in this short program directed by a person who goes against the party called Emmanuel Goldstein Big Brother generates a psychological effect in the society, in the same way do it Joseph Goebbels the man that choose Hitler to make propaganda with the end of enter in the mind of the humans especially in the mind of the kids because he could form them at will,  like the kids of Mrs. Parsons that believe and do all that commands the party, they lost their childhood because the only thing they think is about how to win the war, they seem like robots.

In times of war desperate measures are required, Winston Smith the main character of the novel open his eyes and start thinking against the party, this can be related to all the revolutionaries that fight against what said Adolf, little by little Smith analyzes the society, the people that surround him, searching for somebody that think like him, the same do the revolutionaries they were looking for allies, like O Brien that just a look was enough for knowing that both have the same interests, the revolution has being part of the history always that there is a war, people try to change society for good, but most of the times the only way of combat injustices is using fire against fire, that’s why the leaders wants to created stupid humans that don’t think and that they simply follow rules, for prevent   the overthrow and the removal of power, Winston arises the following question “How could you make appeal to the future when not trace of you, not even an anonymous word scribbled on a piece of paper, could physically survive?” Pg 27 , when Hitler took all the Jews to the  concentration camps he also took away the right of all these people to create a change, to go down in history not as victims but as something more, what if in all the murdered people was the possible creator of the cure of cancer, or the person who arrives to Mars, etc. An infinite number of possibilities, the same for all the ones murdered because of commit “doublethink”, because of these deaths we are affected today maybe if this genocides haven’t occur everything would be different, for example Palestinian Israeli conflict would not exist, and from the point of the book maybe the people that “doublethink” could have been the leaders of the party if they lived in other circumstances.

Taking into account the coincidences between the Second World War and 1984 I can say that Orwell wanted to show us the society in wartime and the future of the people if we follow this path through a novel in which the main character grow along the story, the interesting of this text is that we learn at the same time that Winston Smith, when you enter in the book you can even feel and ask the same questions of this character, you realize that George is a genius because he predict the society of nowadays taking into account the events of the past, also he created a whole scenario and many characters with which the reader can identify himself in a better way, one help that receives to complete this process is that the people in the book is normal, I mean they follow a routine like us and this make easier the interaction between George Orwell and all the readers.

I find it curious that the author from my point of view write about the Second World War and not about the First World War, it’s funny because this second war is the sample that humanity don’t learn of the mistakes, this is evident in the society of the 21st century when the citizens are manage like poppets, the ignorance is controlling our world, and we are sitting watching how everything happens, the right of the things would be that we fight to end this epidemic but nowadays we are accustom to leave things as they are when there still being able to improve them, this is our sad reality in which if you try to change the regime others kill you and not only physical but they silence you with threats and this is the worse way of dying because you can express what you think, you are just waiting the right moment for disappear of this narcissistic society, “Orthodoxy means not thinking not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness” Pg 53

Orwell not only talks about the past but also about our present like I already say, for our today society the possibly leader of the party would be Donald Trump, he have many of the characteristics of the Big Brother and of Adolf Hitler, the propaganda is continuously present in his politic campaign, TV programs, manipulation of the news, among others,  the “doublethink” is equivalent to say the foreign, he wants to eliminate this people because he belief that he is superior than the others, when this is not true because everybody have the same rights, and we must not forget that all of us are humans beings, it doesn’t matter our skin color or our nationality, everyone must receive respect and help from the others if it is needed, there are a lot of slogans like in 1984 and at the age of 1939, one example is “Make America great again”, all of this show us that it looks like time haven’t pass we change the names of the leaders but everything continuous the same, we are still in time to generated a change maybe not for us but for the future people that is going to stay when all of us died, for them we must create alternatives to safe, protect, and care the world, at  the end we go but it could be that we mark a big step on human history, that we appeared not as the generation that is lost but like the generation that open the eyes and shout the truth.

In conclusion taking into account all the relationship between the history, the society, and the book, I can say that 1984 is the prove of the ignorance and mistakes of the people, Orwell created one of the most amazing text of all the epochs, he wrote about our reality, and about our ancestors, he leave as moral that we most think and fight for what is right, also with Winston Smith he represent that there is hope because if one person continue searching and showing the truth everything is  possible, not because there are bad people that say to us that we must surrounded we have to do it, we are free but  we must make it worth it.

I like so much this 5 chapters of the book because I realize many things that I have never thought about, my mind was transport to the place, the streets, the houses, the epoch of the book, also i connect with the characters of 1984, I imagine the whole life and the conditions of this people, I ask myself what would I do if I live in that writing,  and I answer that I would follow my ideologies doesn’t matter if I have to give my life because of my purpose, everything is better that life a live with the regret of the opportunity that I have to change the world but I didn’t do it just because I was scared.  


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There are some aspects about redaction to be corrected but in general you have a good idea and a good development in the text. Amazing investigative job. your grade is a 8.5


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