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In “1984”, book write by George Orwell in 1949, we can see that George Orwell is describing a futuristic dystopic world in which after the war all the corruption leads our world and this is divided into three parts or continents (Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania) Eastasia is composed by the east part of Asia, Eurasia is composed by the west part of Asia and Europe, and Oceania is composed by America, Oceania and London (is here where the story occurs). With this, we can see that after the war some continents get join to become just one, and all these continents are governed by the corruption and by the next sentence (slogan of the Minitrue): “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”
George Orwell shows us this dystopic world in which all the people is blind and they let the corruption lead their continents and countries, the people truly believe that the slogan of the Minitrue (War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.) is the reality and they are so convince that their society is good and that they are leaving in an utopic society instead of a dystopic one, they think that their society is good, that their society is perfect and they don´t do a thing for improve it. This is not far away from the reality we are living nowadays in our society, everyday it pass we are getting blinder and we let us control by the corruption and by what the mass media tell us so we stay in the basic knowledge of our country and we start to become ignorant, and we are happy being ignorant because we think all in the world and in our country is good but isn’t it and we don’t realize that with having this ignorance we are getting blind and that’s how the society wants us to stay, ignorant, because being like that means that the society can do anything they want and the people is not going to put any resistance, and we are going to let us get controlled by the corruption. If we still walking in this direction we will be in a society very similar to the one written by George Orwell in “1984”.
In the book, we can see that the people living in this world are constantly watched by some devices called telescreen, this devices can record the sound and what the person is doing (these devices are everywhere), in here we can see the first control that have the government on the people and that this people are totally blind, this devices are a total violation of privacy, but the people doesn’t say anything for being constantly observed and heard by this devices, so the government has a total control of each person in the continent and those people are to blind to realize the government is violating their life, even with the poster of Big Brother that say “Big Brother is watching you” they don’t realize the government are controlling them. This is not so far from our nowadays society in which the government hears all our conversations and are constantly watching us in different ways, and we don’t care about this so it is like giving the government a free pass to our personal life, and to anything they want to do in our society. Also, we can see a clearly example of a blind and control society with the “two minutes of hate” this is a video of two minutes in which is shown all kind of hateful stuffs but in all the two minutes of hate videos it appears the face of Emmanuel Goldstein, he was once of the leading figures of the party, he start to made revolutionary acts and he was condemned to death but he mysteriously disappear, he was consider the Enemy of the people and there was absolutely no two minutes of hate video in which he was not the principal figure. In here we can see that the government made this two minutes of hate videos for putting images of things that are good, but they want the people to believe that those things are wrong, the people stay just in this knowledge so they start to become ignorant and they start to belief that the pictures that appear in the video are really bad things and they start getting blind and getting controlled by the government. An example of this is Emmanuel Goldstein this person was just a revolutionary who realize that the society in which he was living was a fake and it was a really bad society but the rest of the people is to blind to see what Goldstein saw, so the solution of the government to shut up the people who realized that the society is really bad and it is not taking us anywhere is to killed them, because the government only want people who is pushover, people who is ignorant, people who is blind, no people who is against their laws, their government, so the easiest solution for the government to stay in a society lead by the corruption is to keep the people blind and ignorant, and to kill the ones that are not neither blind or ignorant. This idea that show us George Orwell in the book is actually what is happen in our society nowadays, the government wants the corruption to lead the countries and for achieve that they use the mass media to tell the citizens all kind of stupid news that has nothing to do with how is our country, they only shows the good things and maybe one or two little problems that are happening, but they don’t show every problem that is happening in the country, so the people thing that there is nothing wrong happening and they keep ignorant and start getting blind, while the reality is another and there are a lot of problems in our country starting with our governors, but most of the people does not see this and they are easily controlled by the government giving to the government the power for doing anything they want.
In “1984” George Orwell show us that they are some ministries which control all these are divided into four ministries which are: The ministry of love (Miniluv), the ministry of peace (Minipax), ministry of truth (Minitrue), and the ministry of plenty (Miniplenty). Each one of these ministries have a function, the ministry of love is in care of maintaining law and order, the ministry of peace is in care of the war, the ministry of truth is in care of the news, entertainment, education and arts, and the ministry of plenty is the one in care of the economy. These are the ministries that control all but they are no what they seem, they put nice names to occult what they really are as we already know the government want to hide the things and want to make them belief that that society is right, that it doesn´t have any problem, so this ministries are in charge to make that all the people keep believing that the society in which they live is perfect, they make ignorant all the people to a level that they believe that: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” Is true. Nowadays in our society, we can see that the ignorance is greater each day it pass, we can see some of these ministries in our society, the ministry of truth can be found in the news and all kind of mass media that hide the true and make us feel good with our society even if it is a disaster, the ministry of love could be found in the jury, because they give punishment to the people who did wrong things and teach them to love the country and to respect the law. George Orwell shows us a futuristic view of how is going to result our society if we keep letting the government do whatever they want we are going to end in a dystopic society as George Orwell shows us in his book, we are going to end in a society that control all our knowledge with just some ministries, in a society so ignorant that will think that the war is peace, that the ignorance is strength, and that freedom is slavery. We are going to end in a society so blind that they will not realize that they are controlled by the government, that they will not realize how ignorant are they, that they will not realize that they are leaving in a society that is led by the corruption. If we do not realize now that we are moving to that society, we are not going to do anything and we are going to end like the people in the book all following the laws, all completely ignorant and pushovers, in a society in which if you think different you are going to die. We already have manipulation of the government to being ignorant, we already have a beginning of what could become the ministries of the book. We have the truth in front of our eyes but we still believe that is better to be blind, we are capable of rising against the government and his laws but we prefer to act as all the other people act, at last we are the one who choose to be ignorant or not.
"'Who controls the past', ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'"  George Orwell, 1984  
In this quote it is shown that the ministries are the ones that control the present, as they controls the present they also controls the past by hiding the true of what happen in it and when they control this they will also control the future, showing us that if let us control they will control us forever.
In 1984 there is show a society that is totally controlled by the power of the corruption, this maybe can sounds a little crazy but as we can see we are not far away from a future with a society pretty equal to the one shown in 1984, if we keep making the same things we do right know we are going to end in a society like this, If we keep let us to make us ignorant and to blind us we are going to end tied to the government without no possibility of escape, if we don’t realize our society is wrong and that they want the corruption to lead we are going to end in a society just as in the book, this is not a very far future so we have to start rising up against the government for not ending like in 1984.


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The paragraphs are way too long and punctuation could be better. Please center your ideas more and give it a more definite structure next time (intro, thesis, support, yet more support, conclusion) that would ensure a better fluency of the text. your grade is a 7.


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