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1984, considered as one of the most successful book until today, written by George Orwell (Eric Blair) between 1947 and 1948, he was a critic, essayist, periodist, writer and novelist. 1984 it’s a fictional political novel which that talks of a peculiar society that was called Oceania, right in there were four different parties one was the Love party, the Truth party, the Plenty party, and the peace party, but as the book show us how these parties develop during the tale they contradict themselves cause they behavior and actions shows for example that the love party is really a kind of hate party, and the truth party as a lie party, this society had something peculiar and was that every single person in there had to be mentally control so they cannot think in bad things of the party they must be caught in a jail, or they may die because this makes that if someone thinks bad things of something the other people may be influenced and after that they might begin a revolution against the political society that controlled everything in there also the people can’t have privacy in their homes because there were some telescreens were daily look out them for seeing if they talk bad from the parties or broke one of the rules.
Winston (The main character of the tale) was a common citizen in Oceania, he worked in the Truth party correcting things from the past that shall be important for some events were happening but the parties didn’t want that continue happening so they correct the past and the present and the future must be changed, so he was in charge of that, but he wasn’t agree with how was governed, but if he says or express something against the government he may die or be locked in a jail, so he didn’t know how to express that so he bought in a store a type of diary or book for writing but it was supposed that in Oceania was not allow to write because that will make them more intelligent, and the parties wanted to make all the society a completely ignorant culture or civilization for they were able to controlled them, but there was a different community called the prole that were treated as animals, that’s why there is a type of slogan that says that animals and the prole are free, they said this because they cannot think and express their thoughts, but Winston thought that they were the only part of Oceania that can create a revolution against the government because they were free but they weren’t mentally capable of making that, retaking the situation with the diary that Winston had bought in the store, he hide in a blind point of the telescreen and he daily go there and wrote his unconformities with everything, but this tale is like the exaggeration of the reality and it is supposed that it is fictional.
But this isn’t completely the truth because in the current times this society can be nearly similar to Oceania (In the tale) as we know the geographical separation is Oceania, Eurasia, Eustasia and the disputed areas, our current Colombia is a similar society but less controller because our government tries to control some of our thoughts and they try to do whatever they have to do for us to create in them, and with the pass of the time the civilization has been decreasing it’s critical point of view, their character, and how the most part of people don’t care about who might be their president, also they don’t read or write to continued so they are losing with the passing of the years those capacities an a lot of years after we will involve and go to the completely ignorance and the people with power will do whatever they want with us just because we don’t know what’s happening so they create divisions where the powerful are going to play with the people that are ignorant, and there is where a type of imperialism is created because the powerful people fight between them, just because they want more power, in the tale is shown how the four parties control everything, and punish the people that thought in a different way to them, just like in the medieval age, that a lot of people with another hypothesis to the government about our solar system, the gravity, physical statements, and more things that the government thought that if they let them saying this to all the people the community will go against them and this will create revolutions and wars, and that wasn’t a benefit for them, so they kill them or they private him or her from its human rights, this same panorama was shown in the tale.
Talking about the Saphir Whorff Theory this theory talks about the relation between a language that would change the literature and that literature will change the culture, this theory is very strong in the book written by George Orwell because if we replace each concept with situations in the argument of the book, it might be like the following: the language presented in the book is the neolanguage or the newspeak which consists in the abbreviation of the English language this makes that people continue ignorant and don’t evolve or be productive with the society, and this language that influenced the behavior of the civilization also influences the literature that in the case of the situation was occurring in the tale the literature that was creating Winston with that secret diary in which he knew he was writing it for O’Brien, a man who works there and in his eyes Winston saw he also is uncomfortable and in disagree with all the government, so they both were against the government in silence, and his diary was the only thing that proved how he feel, and this literature will change the culture, this is just a supposition, but think if this diary is found by someone and he or she spread this idea and something changes in the culture, and if the culture changes the literature and the language are going to change.
The anarquism and revolution is present in the book with the appearance of someone called Goldstein that was a worker that one day reveal his feelings of disagreeing with everything so there’s a moment in the time called 2 minutes of hate in which all the civilization have to see a video with horrible images with the face of Goldstein for they know he was a bad person, this video contained grotesque images, so in here is also shown the control of people by images or subliminal messages that enter in the minds of the people. Goldstein is one of the clearest example for the people that know and aren’t ignorant so they can critique and express their point of view, he is a person that wants to help to everyone an trying to take them out from the injustice and things that the government takes advantage of. But as the example given with the medieval age the government of Oceania didn’t allow him to express so it is supposed that they don’t have a kind of human rights because they are treated like animals but with a kind of sustainable life and shelter, but without the most of the basic rights of people to be people.

“Who controls the past controls the future,
Who controls the present controls the past” George Orwell, 1984

In the last quote is shown how is presented in the tale because as we know the four parties are in charge “of the well-being of the citizens” but they are not helping them they are causing a bad problem because they are going to be ignorant, and one of the causes of this is also the constantly change of the events, memories and situations in the past, the present and the future, because each line of time depends on the other for existing or it will change in a big way, because there is a theory that says that there are an infinite quantity of alternative dimensions, in which we have infinite possibilities and completely different destines, so in the moment that this parties (Love, Plenty, Truth and Peace) change the time situations they’re are modifying a lot of dimensions and the situations in the future, the present, and the past, and it will cause a very bad consequence, like an opened fragment in the multidimensional space, or something related with the theories that state that.
The Big Brother is the omniscient being or soul, like a kind of God for the must of people in the parties, there were posters with his face that said “Big Brother is watching you” and that is a constant terrifying memory or everyone and this makes every be scared of the big brother, but it does not exists is like a kind of presence or a kind of God for everyone and all of them must show respect to him, and he is the one that look out Oceania, he is based on a totalitarian leader that was the fear of everyone.
In conclusion, 1984 was, is and will continue being one of the greatest dystopic books of all the times because it shows a fictional political novel in which tries to remind all the people that we are just animals when we are ignorant and we don’t care of our future or the life of the civilization and its sustainability and its evolving process for improving the tomorrow generations, so this tale isn’t too far from the reality.


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You need to be careful with the use of past, third person and punctuation, these three aspects make your text to be really difficult to read. Talking about the ideas expressed into the text, they are not connected to each other and your text lacks a purpose or clear intention and development into that direction. Your grade is a 6


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