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1984 is a book written by Gorge Orwell in 1947 and 1948 and published the 8 of January of 1949 is a political fiction book were we can see a really strong force or power that controls everything and nobody can say anything it is a political force that makes peoples life miserable and takes away everything and the way people are submitted to a lot of suffering there is when he compares everything with his time and what was happening in that moment like the Nazis and every thing that happened also he wants to give people hope telling them that the can overcome such circumstance and he wants to show in what other ways the government can control everything and the physical damage that is done. In 1984 the book we can also see some theories about language culture and literature, in which we could take into account all thing George Orwell lived in his country, and all thing he studied and he evidenced in the book. In the book says all expression of each person, and we can notice about the knowledge of Orwell creating and formulating a language in the book, and its evidenced when Winston is going to write and then he didn’t knew grammar, or even how to write is because he is so dedicated to learn newspeak, that’s why every single person that works at the 4 buildings that were miniluv, minipax, miniplenty, and minitrue, have their own dictionary of newspeak.

The Nazis were a situation very similar to what happens in 1984. the Nazis were a really serious group of people who hatted the Jewish people and they were so committed to kill them that they created commotion in all the world but the real thing is how Hitler treated his men during everything that happened and that is what is happening in the book when Winston starts to notice everything and write in his dairy he starts to fell closed and like sad because of the life he has and that every day everything is blacker and that there cant be a single day that a bomb doesn't exploit and that that makes every day gray and even more sad than it is and all these circumstances are taking away from him his humanity and that happened in world war 2 when the German soldiers were more machines than humans because they were killing without reason and they just followed orders they were poppets in Hitlers hands telling them to concur everything they could find just because he hated those people and he had hate for them and that is what maybe would happen in the book Winston is a normal guy who doesn't have a sense in life and he knows about every movement of the government and the unjust thing that the government is doing like hiding a lot of things from the people, big brother is watching you is like a form of strict laws that make you remember what happens if you do not follow orders and the government is trying to control every movement of every thing that is going to happen lets imagine that Hitler did the same thing to start to create his army he was taking the meaning of life to his people for them to not be afraid and to kill without mercy so he started to control every movement that his country was doing and he was controlling everything, and how did people believe in anything else if the same government destroyed every book and every register historical fact and then the created there own history how did people get out from that? The couldn't the just had to take it and that is how Hitler created his army of men without a meaning for life. This was almost like a dictatorship were the people could not have a world in the decision that the government had, well first the campaign that threw themselves to the place of the president was already lying about a lot of things they treated the people like if they were test subjects they could play with and since they proposed there achievements and what the wanted to do they were lying to the people to make the people vote for them to be elected and then want to control every single thing that happened maybe what big brother wants is to create people without meaning for life to go in a war like the base that Gorge Orwell used to make the book because of the conditions he was living in and maybe the thought that that was the future they had.

Gorge Orwell was leaving a hard time influenced with the two "parties" or champagnes we had were the liberals and conservators were it was decided to create communism and that made the people be able to vote and all these things but when a country is tricked that easy well people take advantage of every circumstance and that is why it is so easy for a government to control the country. This gives us another perspective of what happens in the book taking into account what happened in Germany, maybe they are going to want to control the people like if they were machines and they are going to give penalties to those who do not follow orders and that was making people lose faith. When people live in a totalitarian government there is so little things you can do but rebel against the government would be a bad idea knowing that you are just going to get killed or hit or abused well being in this situation well everyone loses their meaning of life and that is what is going to happen in the book according to my idea. When he was in a communist country he was starting to notice something very important and that is that communism is not so different from totalitarianism when a government gets the power they need they then become another thing very different, in this time laps we are communists in our country but tell me why does the government do bad things and play with the people although we are communists nothing changes because of the foolishness of the citizens that are giving power to such a corrupt country and in that sense we are not different to a totalitarian country of course we do not have beatings but we have a power that makes us irrelevant like our president is doing because of the power we gave him now we cant change it, our time laps is the same as in the book only because of a superior power controlling every move and trying to hide tings from their citizens, "Nothing would change as long as power remained in the hands of a privileged minority"-Gorge Orwell-1984 Gorge Orwell states in his book this big fact that is becoming real in this moment in all the world that we really have to change or we will be stuck and we are stuck in this moment and this book was like a warning of what was going to happen.

The technology in this time is consuming a lot of time from our lives and everywhere we can read or hear people that say that technology is going to be the end of us because of the advances and that they are going to become intelligent devices capable of taking over our world but i really think that that is not the case i think that the technology is going to advance with us and that we are going to use it in a bad way like shown in the book we are going to take our privacy away and a lot of important things that construct our daily lives and that will really take our lives away and like gave us no meaning because no one has privacy and someone is always going to be watching you to see if you are doing anything wrong, and that is what Gorge Orwell was trying to express with his book showing our fates hat weren't how we believed the would be and that we had to be careful. Gorge Orwell really gives us some good things shown in his text or in his principal character -Winston- he was like highlighting our good things like the fact that we gave a fight before giving up and he is showing that although Winston was living a life with out meaning although all of that he was still human and he could fell everything and that he was not going to stay quite maybe at some point he will like go against something and really say what he thinks because sense the beginning he is already breaking the law writing in his diary all of his emotions and it was supposed that you could not have those types of emotions. But in the end the power always wins because of its influence and because of that the only thing left to do is to accept it and start getting use to it and starting to love it like Gorge Orwell says "But everything was arranged, everything was perfect, the fight was over. He had definitely vanquished himself. I loved the Big Brother"-Gorge Orwell-1984. It is very expressive the way that Gorge Orwell uses "double thinking" in the text because the people like Winston know that the government is doing a lot of bad things and they know what are the good things they have to do and all these things but they still believe in the government being treated like trash.  

When we think about 1984 we think in a really bad life full of boring things and a lot of unjust things that happen and we relate it to one of the wort things that has suffered the world and that is the Nazis because of the similar power each one obtained.


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The text beats around the bush and it does not really identify an intention or arguments to take to this point. You need to revise your spelling: you are writing precisely the same way as you speak (so you are confusing the writing of words that sound similar like concur and conquer, among others). There is almost no punctuation in the text, making it almost unreadable.

The structure of an essay is not followed in this text, and many a time, you use informal connectors as a way of redundant devices: "you get like discourages" (not precise example, but the use of LIKE was precisely the one given here)

your grade is a 6,0


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