OCEANIA 2017 Freedom, Manipulation and Ignorance

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OCEANIA 2017 Freedom, Manipulation and Ignorance

Post by JFRojasJ11b on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:53 pm

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
George Orwell (1984) pg.81


Nowadays the world has different problems between countries, like the problem with Syria, but if we see could be have a problem like Oceania Problem? the problem of a dictatorship where people can’t think with themselves. If we see in our world it exists countries that have a socialism system as Oceania had in 1984 by George Orwell, one clear example of a dictatorship with a socialism system is North Korea. North Korea had a great war named the Korea war between Koreas because they had different economic system, one that was with China and the other with USA, this war has it consequence and it was the division between Koreas, but when be compare the country in 1984 named Oceania, we can see that is too similar to North Korea, A country that change by the war and the other by a revolution.

When we see the problem that has a Dictatorship is that power is in only one person, and we the power is not distributed in equivalent parts, it becomes something unjust, for people, that happens in Oceania, all power was in the Party in BIG BROTHER and that was something so annoying for people, the Party has control of the daily life of all citizens, Change their point of view, in just one point of view, the party´s point of view, people couldn’t have another idea for change their country, but was impossible, they have fear and any idea of other countries. This situation is the same that happens in North Korea because is the same Dictatorship, People couldn’t have another point of view and the only thing that they can do is help the country respecting the injustice laws, but now taking about that situation, the situation of Manipulation, when we talk about manipulation is how people couldn’t do anything because they are control, changing their ideas, talking about false things, saying YOU MUST RESPECT THE LAW, saying something like this country is the best one in the world and when it pass he time people become ignorance because they doesn’t have an idea of how was the country before the Revolution or the war in the case of North Korea, if we see in the book 1984 of George Orwell it say that in London has posters about the big bother, about slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength and war is peace; This ideas when people read it all the time become something that your brain memorize it and change your point of view about it, in North Korea pass something similar, but with advertising like, you need to believe that the leaders are gods, you need to respect them and believe in them, You can’t see TV program of other countries, and all that advertising becomes in your brain Fear, Fear of thing by yourself, this is the main similarity of Oceania in this world, The Manipulation is an important factor for identifying the main problems and compered with a country nowadays but the thing that you don’t know is that are more factors that make North Korea the Oceania in 21 Century.

The other factor that we need to the account is the change of Idea of Freedom, when we talk about freedom is a term too important in 1984 because freedom has many meanings in the book, the Winston´s point of view, the party´s point of view, and each character has an idea of point of view about freedom, for Winston freedom is not be in another country, freedom for Winston is the possibility of share his ideas with other persons and talk about it, talk about like the Big Brother or the Monastery of love, the Anti-sex league or the main problem of Winston, and one is that he can’t love Julia as he could do. The idea of freedom that have Winston begging when he bought the diary, and know Julia, he had an impulse of do the thing as he wants but the society stops that impulse, he need to be with the society but he is conscious that most of the people don’t like the Party, this happens in North Korea too many people had been death by the impulse, the impulse of freedom but if someone wants to continue surviving, they need to be with society and continue doing their role in the country, but why the people know that their country is horrible but they continue working In that place? Easily, when people has this impulse, people begging to feel the fear, Winston has fear of the freedom that he wants, just because it exist the Idea of Big Brother the idea of someone that are watching you, that it can discover you and kill you, this is the reason that Winston didn’t same something to O´Brien, because he has fear of saying something that Big Bother doesn’t wants to know, like when he wrote in his diary DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER a manifestation that he doesn’t like the part when he is working to the party, is something ironic. When Winston know about Julia all the life of Winston begins to change because when he was with Katherine, she was fan of the Party and Winston just work for the party in the Monastery of Truth, but then he take conscious and know that his work is just for continue the fear to citizens when they need to fight for another revolution, in the book is a part where Winston ask about the church and when he continue he was saying that before the revolution was so horrible the country but was a lie it was better than Oceania.

When we talk about that think that has Winston about the church before the revolution has an important because this mean that the party is trying to forget the past to make citizens ignorance, the only form to solve a problem in a country is knowing the past for not doing the same mistake and when people don’t have an idea of the past they just life the present and continue as a normal life, This type of situation happens in North Korea because when we see the citizens of North Korea, they don’t know about the world, they hate USA, and they don’t know about their past because the government change the truth for control people and manipulate them, that is the work of Winston in 1984, change the truth. Nowadays in North Korea they change the truth putting USA as a enemy, also that they can use Jean because is something of USA and is be a traitor, they use an specific clothes of the nation and also the men has like 15 possible haircuts and one is the same haircut of the lieder Kim Jong-un, this is a similar example of 1984, they use the same party cloth and they must have an identification card in their clothes, is an example that both countries has similar laws and that is justification of how we can see the problems of Oceania in 1984 in a country Nowadays. The testimonies of the people that live in North Korea is incredible, the punishment that they have in the country, if you don’t respect the law easily your family of three generation can die just for not respect, and in an incredible way in the country exists a democratic voting but in the carton, it just appears Kim Jong-un and is obligatory vote for him, this dictator ship has 3 dictators, Kim II-sung, Kim Jong-Il and the actual Kim Jong-un.

In a Conclusion the problems that has Oceania in 1984 is have seen in North Korea by different aspects, The manipulation because The control in a psychological way the people making them know false news, Advertisings and laws that are punished by the death, one the concept of Freedom that are stopped by the Fear, that are put by the leaders like the Big Bother in 1984 but I North Korea will be Kim II-sung that is consider one god there, Making the society ignorance by forgetting the past and making the same mistake for never solve it, and with that changing the point of view of people for never do a revolution and continue with a dictatorship, this is the justification of the new Oceania 2017 North Korea, one of the worst country in all world.

BY: Juan Felipe Rojas Jerez


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Re: OCEANIA 2017 Freedom, Manipulation and Ignorance

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:55 pm

there are some major mistakes in grammar an punctuation, among many others:
You are using ignorance (noun) instead of Ignorant (adjective) almost every single use of the third person is wrong (sometimes you place the S on verbs which go with a plural and vice-versa).

Your main idea is difficult to understand because of the wording you used and the redaction.

your grade is a 7,5


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