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1984 is a novel that was written by George Orwell, recognized for its story based on the control and prohibition of freedom, which shows the life of a citizen who is part of the control that is manifesting and focuses on his thoughts and opinions about the world in which he lives. These book talks also about power, politics, and manipulation in people's lives and how they see themselves within the prohibition of their own freedom, until they forget the meaning of it.
Speaking about the goal of the plot, which is to show the absence of freedom and how to live without it, in my opinion the main idea that I will develop in this essay is based on the opposite, on that the true objective is to show that freedom exists and is present all the time, and despite the fact that the novel demonstrate superficially that freedom is something unattainable and practically is not a real thing ; inside the plot and in the analysis of the situations that are shown in the course of the story, it is evident that is not like that.
To begin with the argumentation and explanation of this idea it is necessary to ask two questions: first, is control stronger than freedom? And second, does control comes from an external source or on the contrary comes from ourselves?, we know and we recognized that what makes us different from the rest of living beings as human beings is the ability to think and reason, be aware of successes and mistakes we make and likewise of what is right and what is wrong; when we recognized these concepts as people, comes with that a great gift but also a great responsibility that is the freedom we get. "Freedom is the faculty and right of people to choose responsibly their own way of acting within a society" (conceptdefinicion.net), taking this definition into account freedom is something individual and own, cannot be share with another person since each of us owns our freedom, as well as we are in charge of managing it in the best way contributing to something good, but what happened since the beginning of time, from the beginning of life is that we have taken this freedom to transform it into the opposite, in control and power; something paradoxical but real, we believe that by having freedom we can control everyone and everything, we believe that because we are free we have the power to do what we please passing over others and because that we transform something so pure and so good into something cynical and dark, this happen with many things, they go through a transformation where they end up being the opposite of what they were supposed to be, in 1984 it is shown a world of lies and tricks, a world of appearances and it is only a reflection of life
“War is piece, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”-(George Orwell- 1984)
The book talks about 4 ministries that govern the city: ministry of truth, ministry of peace, ministry of love and ministry of abundance and all these are based on lies, the ministry of truth is based on deception, the ministry of peace is based on war, the ministry of love is based on hate and the ministry of abundance is based on scarcity and this is no more than a clear example of what happens on a daily life, we, ourselves get involved in deception despite knowing the truth.
With this point we turn to answer the first question: is control stronger than freedom ?, according to what was said earlier control comes with the transformation that is given from freedom, finally being a definition and meaning totally opposite , "Control is the power or dominion that a person exercises over something or someone."- (conceptdefinicion.net) Taking the example from the book that shows an absolute control over the society and an absolute control of the people also shows in him the freedom that existed in the protagonist in the moment in which he disobeys his government and buys an old book to read it, here they demonstrate both parts as control as freedom, but despite this, the predominant in the novel as in life is control, in the novel is seen this dominance of control because in the development of the plot although there are people who are aware of what it is happening but they didn’t do anything to fix it, despite knowing that this leads to it gaining power does not matter, they continue under this, giving as well as a kind of approval to the power wins over them, so we can respond to that control despite which derives from freedom pitifully becomes stronger than it, is taken as something more important, as something fundamental in life when the truly fundamental to live is freedom.
Here we open the second question: does the control come from an external source or does the real control come from ourselves? For a long time not to say that there has always been the idea that control and power appear from the outside, from a plane oblivious to us, from a source that comes from outside of our lives, believe this , believe in a certain way that control is not our fault makes us build a repetitive cycle, a cycle that until today has not had an end, which is to approve, accept and also contribute to this control even if we are not aware of it; The situation that is presented in the book of how this is manifested is the simple action of people, the action of following, obeying, that despite knowing truth take refuge in fear or conformity makes this like a kind of approval to the power that is being exercised, the society in the book submits by its own decision to the mandates of its government, first in the protagonist it is made clear that it does not seem to him what his leaders do, also he dislike what he does on his work but in spite of that he continues with it, and so in the course it continue appearing more characters like him, there is no change however it is necessary, fear and conformity do not let change exist and without this we are going to continue in the same situation, as lived In the past, as we live in the present we will surely continue to live in the future, a repetitive cycle.
“Who controls the past, controls the future, who controls the present controls the past”- (George Orwell- 1984)
With these examples we come to the answer; In reality there is nothing that can be imposed, there is no power over us, this cannot exist if we do not approve it, the characters in the novel approved it and so they gave the way to dominance, just as we also often approved the control in our lives; The idea of control is external but as the true control comes and lives in ourselves, nothing can be achieved in ourselves, nothing can be achieved in us if we do not give consent, we usually try to blame our environment for what happens, we blame everything only for leave unharmed and feel out of guilt but the reality is that each of us are responsible of executing the control, we are responsible to create it and to manifest it in such a way that we now are govern by it, it is not more than an invention by humans that is not even based on truth but on lies.
“Power is domination, control and therefore a very selective form of truth which is a lie”. - ( Wole Soyinka)
Finally, with this quote we conclude, the conclusion of this essay is based on the fact that inside of many things, in this case inside a book, inside a story can be found many teachings, truths that superficially we do not see, although it is constantly remarked in the book 1984- (George Orwell) that freedom disappeared and no longer it doesn’t exist, the reality is that it is present all the time, and it is demonstrated in many situations and also is shown on the characters in the novel. It is concluded that freedom is all the time, as it was said and explained before the control is a stronger source than freedom, however it comes from the transformation of freedom finally it is who wins next argument is the answer to the next point that says and explain that our true control comes from ourselves and not from the outside as we think, and that everything continues to be the same, a repetitive cycle that does not end thanks to us since knowing it or without knowing it we contribute to that control stays and it lasts.
The conclusion is divided into two parts, the first is how within a reading you can find so many answers and the second is about the true purpose of the story, the real reason and motive that has Orwell's novel; Taking this part to a point and an end, the change, the solution to this constant and repetitive problem that is fed each day by its creators, us.


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Amazing points, pretty well defended and nicely presented.

There are a couple of mistakes in the use of third persons, so please, pay attention to that when writing.

your grade is a 9,5


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