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Final paper

Post by V.GomezC'11B on Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:46 pm


All begins in London, Oceania with a revolution against the capitalism, so the Big brother is the leader of all, and he controls all the human that live in London and all the people know what is the good things and the bad things that they have to do, they live in a constant regimen for the Big brother. The history initiate with Winston Smith a worker who work in the department of the truth, he is in charge to all of the manipulation of the information of the Big brother, this is something about the principle character, the life in Oceania is really hard because all the activities are controlled by a TV that are located in each house and each place of work with this way the Big brother can controls all the activities that do his population, but was normally when the people disappear this was cause that they are suspected to doing something wrong, the little kids at the same have to meet norms and in the school the teachers have to teach the ideology of the party of the Big brother. 
With this little introduction we would think that this situation can not occurs in the real life but is a totally wrong thought one example is North Korea the situation is the same that the book of George Orwell the life is a dictatorship with the same thought of the Big brother, and the many occasions where the human rights are violated, one of the common right that have the book and North Korea that is violated the freedom but not the only also the TV that put in their houses and in North Korea put pictures with the photo of the leader and when you see the photo you have to show respect, is a control of your activities you don't have privacy, apart of that when you do something wrong they can punish you really hard with a lot of torture. 
The violation of human rights is global in many parts of the world occur that, even at a different time occur it but the situation in North Korea is the more clear example to show the violation of human rights, the freedom is principle right that must to have the human the freedom in general in their activities, thoughts, etc...  In a personal point of view this situation can cause a psychological trauma all the ideology the limitations of many things, the develop of the country and the people not is normal all of the things that can communicate, it mean the globalization doesn't exist all are controlled, if you want to know about something of other country you cannot enter to internet or in the case of the book they supervise what you read only show to you the things that they allowed to see, the panorama that the book show to us is not different with the real life in the real life also exist the horrible things that we think that only exist in the mind of the writer. 
It said that the 1984 is a book of science fiction but they are sure of that, the different coincidences that are between the book and the North Korea are a lot, the dictatorship between the Big brother that is the dictator in the book 1984, and Kim Jong-un the supreme leader since in North Korea exist four different governments, it means the supreme leader that is Kim Jong-un, he is in charge to organize the Korean People's Army because Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of the army and the supreme leader of the working party and is the organizer of media entering the country, the second government is called the Eternal President that is Kim Il-sung, he is in charge to design and control all the activities that occurs in North Korea but when he die he said that his power will be taken his son called Kim Jong-il, the third government is the head of the state of North Korea called Kim Yong-nam that is in charge to represent North Korea in the rest of the world and the last one government is the government's head called Pak Pong-ju he is in charge to supervise the political economical party of North Korea, with this people is organized the life of all the North Korean people, in the book also the Big brother has an ally that is the founder of the party that controls the life of London, Oceania Emmanuel Goldstein, these government organization is really similar to the North Korea because the both situations search the control and the limitation of the different activities and the hard ideology that each one imposes in the two situations. 
In North Korea and in the book 1984, the world is dominated by the power of an absolute leader who goes against the development of the country through the control of the media and the language, and this make use the violence as a tool for social control, other example of this controls is that the missionaries who are the people of faith, it means the people that talk about Jesus in other parts of the world so one thing before continue, when you arrived to North Korea and you are a tourist a specific Korean people show where is allowed by the leader, continue with the missionaries if they take the decision to travel to travel to North Korea they are risk their lives with the cause to proclaim the word of God because is prohibited do that in North Korea the consequences could be a terrible torture for disobeying a rule, like in the book 1984 with the neolanguage that is a invented development type of new English that imposed the Big brother. 
"Peace can only last when human rights are respected, when people have what to eat and when individuals and nations are free." - Dalai Lama, 

This phrase of Dalai Lama about the humans rights is totally true because a country that live like that cannot have peace because in their hearts are accumulated rage for the inequality and the violation of their humans rights, the new generation won't be able to struggle for their rights because in their childhood put and wrong ideology of their style of live, a country that not have peace or a little part of respect ones to each others cannot be able to communicate with the rest of the world because they always are going to be oppressed or wishing the power, in one opportunity a boy of North Korea talk about the United States and he said that they are their enemies because they want to kill their brothers of South Korea and the North Korean people hate them, is a ideology that use the supreme leader impress in their minds. In the book 1984 is the same argument the respect is a step to have a little part of peace between the population and the government part of the country in this case the Big brother, the control with a TV is a notable disrespect in the privacy of the personal space that its their house, one example is when they observe Winston Smith doing exercise and they commands him to have to doing better to go down a little more, they live in a constant injustice in their daily life. 
In a conclusion of all of that is that the science fiction on the book 1984 by George Orwell born in his mind the topic of a dictatorship in London, Oceania is really similar with the reality where live the North Korean people, the violation of the humans rights, the control in the activities and organization of the government points really common in each situation a coincidence in two situations that not was a fiction, with this we can realize that doesn't matter if the situation can be sound impossible or fictional in a far place like is North Korea can occurs unimaginable things a the worst injustice but with this we can realize the situation that pass to be fiction to converts in something real.


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Re: Final paper

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:28 am

The point of the essay is clear and the arguments are valid. There are some mistakes in the use of third person and sometimes the language is way too informal. The essay itself is good.

Your grade is a 9,0


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