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“Because to take away a man's freedom of choice, even his freedom
to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though
he were a puppet and not a person.”
― Madeleine L'Engle

“1984”, a book wrote by George Orwell in which the imagination and emotions are the principal protagonists of the book, it contains a straight description about each character, each movement, each moment and each stage. That is what the most of the readers love about this text. Is also a text with which you could feel completely identified because this text is one of those powerful texts which allow you to feel identified without matter when was this text written. The most important fact is how form the begging to the end it captures your feelings and emotions. The first five chapters talk about Winston, a man that have a different point of view about the manipulation and treatment to the rest of the community and how people accepted to be manipulated by a telescreen, by the Police Of Thought and evidently by “The Big brother” whom power was inside the mind of all the ministries. They live in a place divided by ministries in which they divided the responsibility but all this ministries where connected. Winston wants to be different but there’s something that does not allow him to improve in a personal way, there is something that attracts him to the manipulated community, his death. Every time he analyzed “why, When and How?” but he had no answer, he bought a diary in which he started to analyze how does big brother manipulate other people just for making himself more loved by all the town, he was the only one that didn’t want to believe in all the lies of the Big Brother.
It is possible to ensure that the manipulation of people is not a new thing, as it is said before, we are tied to a reality that we had just accept as people sold us, we are always accepting and trying to feel conform with what is offered, we’re tied to live in this world with our mouth close, because is very hard for us imagine how would be our country if something would change, we are just trying always to see the good face about the place where we live and the culture we have because we are not capable to face a change, to feel the RESPECT that we deserve and that we have been waiting all time. We are indirectly manipulated by brands, by countries, the media and uncountable things that we ignore but follow. We every morning wake up thinking how we would like that people see us dressed, how thin people want to see us, how fat, but there are very few people that really practice the exercise of feeling free and dress as free as they are.

In “1984” the massive manipulation is the main topic, what we can see in this book is how is narrated in the book the daily life of a community that is forced to life a live they do not want to, how they are forced to accept laws that they don’t want to, and the reader may just imagine a strange thing, may imagine another people from other world, but what about us? You could feel identified when you read a book in which just one man can see how strange is to adapt to some kind of laws but nevertheless he seemed to be forced by something he cannot describe to follow but he do, is the only brave one capable of taking the risk of thinking different. There is no difference between Emmanuel Goldstein, the enemy of the people, and many politicians that we have had in Colombia, must of good politicians or journalists are killed just because the afraid that corrupted politicians have to be betrayed. This is just one example about how George Orwell makes you feel like if you were writing that book with him, and not about 1984 but about 2017.In this book, they seem to be living in a capsule where everything you see, think or say is heard in somewhere they cannot even scape of the confinement to which they are subjected, this isn’t another strange comparison with the real world, we transform the earth in capsule where anybody respect even between them, we are costumed to be very racist, and racism is also a topic from the book, we discriminate when people is different to us, if it’s poor or rich, if it is withe or black , if it is tall or small,etc. But we never give the matter all people deserve to anyone, we discriminate everybody we’re not supposed to, but when we have to take the same criterion for talking about the political subjects in our country we just feel shy and insecure about what we think

“The patrols did not matter, however. Only the Though police mattered” George Orwell, Pg 2, 1984

.This quote makes us analyze how <<patrols>> that are considered the “workers” and slaves from the epoch were discriminated, and in the book a patrol women is the one who had try to give her opinion about violent images for children and anyone listened her just criticizes her, that’s the first problem from people, we don’t know how to listen, we ignore wise voices with wise words and listen to stupid voices with stupid ideas. We focus on criticize people who don’t follow the rest of the people, we judge people who are different just because they don’t wear the trending clothes or listen to the trending music, and that is why people that think different to the rest are afraid of being judge, so they opt to follow the herd, principal reason why we don’t advance, it’s very clear how we are manipulated in each sense, they teach us to follow big brands because it gives us an easier way for making everything, but then our own capacity for making things by ourselves is lost, we start to depend on this big brands that are capable of manipulate our mind just by saying how a girl MUST look like, how the hair of a man MUST be, which clothes people MUST use, and have you ever think how we love more the outside that the inside of our country? No, because we are mentally manipulated for being comfortable accepting how we didn’t support the national brands but when we talk about USA everybody wants to buy it.
“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull” pg27,1984, George Orwell
From this book we can learn many things in an indirect sentence, because it’s real when people said how attracted they could feel when they read the book because many quotes as the last one makes us analyze for hours our real and actual situation. In some part of the book, when Orwell refers to the most hated man from the place, he also mentioned the <<BROTHERHOOD>> and the only thing we can imagine and relate with Colombia and the brotherhood represent in the real life by the paramilitary groups with which Colombia has had to face a war of more than 50 years, a group that wanted to bring down the political party by corrupted movements, maybe because the violence is the easiest source for fighting for justice.
In 1984, the biggest party have a slogan which is; “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” and is something to think about, in a political party, the publicity is a very important fact because it communicates to the whole public your objectives as director or owner in some way of the territory, in this first slogan, we can say that “war is peace” because fighting for people is like feeling peace, because that is what we are costumed to do FIGTH , when something is unfair we just fight sometimes we fight without arguments but just to fight people is capable of making “world wars” or carry a weapon with them, we love fighting inside our discriminating system, with just being in the street you take the risk of being killed, because maybe you could be killed if you are black, or with, or tall, or small. When they say “Freedom is slavery” they are summarizing this essay, because as it’s said before we’re slaves of the most of the things we cannot see we are managed by, we are slaves in our own country in full 2017 we are slaves of our city, our territory, we feel free because of democracy but what we are really doing is the worst, we are choosing the person we want for manipulating us, freedom is just a word. Also it says “ignorance is strength” another obvious phrase, we are ignorant because we believe in every word that come from every single liar, but we feel strength because we think that just for be a “democratic” country we are making things better than anyone in the world.
“it was not by making yourself heard but by standing sane that you carried on the human heritage” pg27,1984, George Orwell
1984 is a book wrote for the future, for the actual generation, is a book that would never die, is a book that even if you don’t read it you live every single word it is wrote there, it is not necessary to beg for people to read this book, it is a book that somehow show as a different perspective about our real live, is a book that just took one example to tell our story in more than three hundred pages, a book that leave us that trouble about asking ourselves about what are we doing for us and for our next generations?, which is the goal that we have to achieve in this world?, have we overcome 1984 or we still living this year? We need to be more intelligent, we need to think twice before acting, we need to open our mind and listen to the different points of view the whole world have to give listen to yourself and analyze by your means how bad is the way we live today.
As a conclusion I may say that 1984 is an infinite book, we was, we are and we will be always afraid to the change, we cannot even see “the possibility” of making something, we cannot analyze our actions, we cannot even accept our mistakes and change, we are all time lying to ourselves we are hypocrite with ourselves and even worst we love what we believe we are but no what we really are, we love and believe in a reality that we can’t even change, daily we write the same future for the next generations, we receive knowledge that we cannot even expressed or demonstrate we have, we are toys of the destiny, we live in 1984 years pass literally because we don’t progress we think that because years pass things change but no, we still waiting for a Winston Smith because we are afraid of trying to be Winston Smith and we prefer to believe in the “beauty” side of things and that’s why it is so easy to convince people by the image of the best things we can reactive while we have to be involucre in social aspects. As many as you can read about this essay I want to show and demonstrate how the phrase “The destiny is written” is literal, our destiny could be get into 1985 or still being in 1984. It seems to be that 1984 is the book that best describe the manipulating system of the country but it’s not the responsibility of George Orwell or just one person to change the whole world but it depends on this person to allow and share his point of view to the rest of the people even if they decide to accept it or not.
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Whoa, this essay had a pretty good point and a pretty decent redaction and punctuation, be careful with the difference between write / wrote and / WRITTEN which you forgot many a time.
Discounting the grammar mistakes (like that horrendous "we was") your grade is a 9,0


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