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In 1984 when the totalitarism was spread in some states, every single branch of it and its political participation grows, we evidence how is invalidate every form that was of a different ideology and had any opposition of what they make. We can also notice how using a totalitarian power the politicians and “orthodox” people can control in every aspect the life of others, we take into account the culture and economy of each one and they were controlled so they don’t have any type of freedom (political, social: free expression, free thinking etc.) If we pay attention this political government also control what was written in the newspaper, they wrote what we would consider that is okay or if a politician said that something was about to happen they recreate the reality, and for the ones that were writing it, this was the absolute reality.
In the case of 1984 written by George Orwell we see how people that know to much and that weren’t “orthodox” were vaporized, their life was erased from everywhere like they haven’t been there in any year or period of time, a problem is that as people is controlled they believe in everything they see around them, in all what others (in some cases “orthodox” people) say is good but is only the way they see the world because they believe in all what the government says even if in the “real world” it is wrong and bad. And they trust a lot on the person that is in charge of the government that organize everything as they want to. People that disappeared were the ones that know many things about something or that investigate to much about a topic and get involucrate and in a way they aren’t beneficial for the governors because if someone knows about it, that will be their ruin.
Nowadays we evidence and we say that is more “difficult” to control someone but there is a potential problem here, it is possible to control the action and thinking of someone by manipulating them and telling them everything you say is the truth, we can also include money, as we say money buy everything even your voice and vote. When we mention voice and vote we refer to the right that have a person to express his or her will and opinion in one election, meeting or assembly. Another important thing that we have to mention is what happen when there is someone who opposes to the government they search for the way to destroy him or her in any way that could be possible, constantly the people that oppose to this idea is because the governors are killing people, so they decide to do something about the way things are organized in this government.
If we relate this to the religion, we can be influenced by the things that are said by the father priest if some of them join to control and get some wrong ideas in the mind of people, they can do this because most of the people is extremist and the ones that are so devout to God so they let the father priest influenced them so much that all that they say for this kind of people is the truth a clearly example of this, is when in the vote for peace here in Colombia, priest join to told people that if they vote YES their kids will become homosexual, this is a way to manipulated them for preventing that some staff can’t be released and for having certain power on something in this case on someone, because they satisfice the need of exercise some rules in someone that trust in them. As we said before it is better to ignore the things that we know and don’t talk about them, why governors kill them well if everything that they know is published that would be their ruin o they have two options, make that person disappear or make people that works on the newspaper change that version and write what they send, this happens in 1984 when Big Brother said something that was wrong or when they vaporized people here, in Colombia this happens any times in a day you will never know what life brings or after the day of tomorrow you will be alive, because everything change and in any moment you can know something that it was supposed that you never even suspect about it, some of the people that is killed disappear completely their bodies get lost, as their own staff (cellphone, wallet, keys, etc.) when their family is trying to find something or make a denunciation the people that is in charge of that case make excuses or simply say, the papers of the dead of you familiar get lost, no their friends said that he was found in another way this usually happen when the people that was killed is a military guy that give some rules like don’t make bad things to the woman of the tribes that live in those mountains in which they expend all the time. This part is based on a real case of a military guy that was killed many years ago and in every year it appears a new excuse or everything suddenly disappear why because if others know this wouldn’t be a benefit to the police, military etc. because they let that someone kill a partner what is worst a person of a higher charge.

Know why people is easy to control mentally, if we see this since the psychological point of view we have some contemporary ways that we can be mentally controlled and some aspects of how between this they can do it. So we are only going to focus in 3 aspects advertising and propaganda, TV, internet etc. and Nano robots.
With advertising and propaganda: both of them creates references and cultural standards as we said that happen in 1984 social media is control, so many people don’t know that in some of this propagandas there are subliminal messages and we unconsciously make what they are telling us by this media. With advertisement happens something similar but is more evident that our mind keeps that information and then we do or buy what comes to our mind.
TV, internet, etc.: in these social media there are coded data that influences how we act and think so it controls all our behavior, because of this many people get obsess to this staff because as many data all stored in their memory most of the time they want to be looking or searching for something in TV and internet, they get so obsess that they life apart their “real” lives.
Nano robots: so with them like they are microscopic in any second or minute we can have one in our brains and get to know how to make a massive manipulation of us, also by making people fell fear they can obligate people to let them put Nano robots in their heads. (this isn’t confirmed but many people say that is possible that in this moment Nano robots could be controlling our reactions and our actions). People also can be manipulated by the hypnosis, the person that uses it can make that person forget everything what he had done and don’t remember even how they go to a certain place. With the no verbal language we can also influenced someone an example is when you ask something or you are saying something about a topic and you make an affirmation or negation with our head, immediately what the other person says can be what we had make and affirmative or negative answer or story depends on what we are talking.
So according to this we evidence that since a long time ago all of us have been manipulated by media, dictators and people that we talk with every day, and as they slowly control and manipulate us we might be thinking if politics and people with enough power can makes something bad to others? Well yes, generally the people that have money can make all what they want and commit a series of crimes and can keep it secret by using their money and people that knows only decide to make like they don’t know because they are scare of what others can make to them. Also as we mention with propagandas and advertisement they can control us, an example could be in 1984 when they have the two minutes of hate they get lost their selves because they are drive by the angry and hey make things that then they don’t regret because they not imagine what they had made.

“Ignorance is strength” because the society is manipulated, moldable to what we need, they and our voice is silent we don’t know what we are doing because we are control and we control others this doesn’t stops it is like a vicious cycle we control someone, and that someone to the same and like that goes the chain, when we do it we transform everything as we want to have a benefit of it, we change reality and make and obligate others to make that reality become the inly one, if they make it their and our ignorance win because we don’t ask for a reason to making it witout making an effort fot avoiding it but as ir could benefit us we do it without a cost or for a higher cost like our lifes for defend what we thing and don’t letting others say its wrong. This things oppress us and our mind daily because as we are able to change something we decide to silenced future how don’t letting our kids say what they things, saying everything that they say is wrong that is a conversation without a sense, no one can develop what they want because there is always someone that say is bad and at the end in our minds that becomes the only “reality” an example is the people that is so imaginative and say things that can benefit us like stopping industries that use petroleum by implementation of gasoline that is made of fertilizer the natural one, or stopping the hunting of wild animals, we name that people crazy, we say their ideas are useless why because not doing it benefits us, so we decide to control their thinking, actions and life for making them forget their ideas we change their reality, we say everything is a lie that person will insist but when we get to that point is more easy to use a weapon as they used to do in old times to make him or her forget about everything and creating new staff that doesn’t destroy the reputation of government and people that get involve with them and that make bad things to get what they want. By social media and “brain wash” as we called it we can change the perception of life of someone, we can also use patronage to get what we need and want, an example how influent people say that the global warming doesn’t exist because this beneficiate the oil companies and they get money from them. So now we live with constant fear that is contagious so this don’t allow us to say what we think to spread out our voices, this is for the past and present that suffer all of this tragedies and for the future we want and we wish you don’t be the same, that things change that everyone including our little kids don’t get to know ignorance that they can spread their voices as someone said “Spread out your voices not matter what, everyone has to know what you think even if it is irrelevant, make everyone start to believe”


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The essay is really difficult to understand due the insufficient use of punctuation. You present various grammar mistakes like:
General use of past tense: almost absent
Use of to vs too
Involucrate vs involved
General use of tenses and conjugations.

The idea is not totally clear and the essay does not follow a line from the presentation to the conclussion making it unclear and disperse.

Your grade is a 6


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