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The book 1984 is a novel written by Eric Arthur Blair more known as George Orwell, a British writer and journalist who was characterized for showing by means of his work, the strong and definite political position which were based on big and significant experiences he had during his whole life.
This novel was written between 1947 and 1948 and it was finally published on June 8, 1949, when the author was already sick of tuberculosis but George affirmed that he already had the main idea of the book 1984 since 1943.
Is based on a dystopian society based on Gorge Orwell's experiences during the Spanish civil war and the novel also presents an extrapolation of practices of the communism and of the fascism. We can find on the reading of this book several political, historical and cultural aspects that George Orwell shows by means of his story which can lead us to talk about social that are present in the book and topics that we are able to see in the current society
Taking into account the reading of this books and the society that Orwell creates and proposes in the develop of the story we are able to analyze some relevant aspects that are not only present in the Orwellian society, those aspects that were only part of the narration of an author are becoming in something more frequently and tangible in the reality of the people, the reality of politics, and in general terms in the reality of each one of the individuals who are part of a society.
We can see that the book shows us a totalitarian society in which someone is the one that manipulates the people, and imposes a way of act and think with the objective of exercising a total control on the masses this in order of handle each people’s behavior. And the best way to obtain a handle society is to remove from it the right living conditions, that is why George Orwell shows to us how miserable has to be society in order of be controlled, while more deplorable are human being conditions, is easier that they will not be revealed against the system rules, that is why during a period of war people become more submissive and in few words weak and those who have the power more powerful with the misfortune of the other ones and this is not something that happens only in books and in an unreal reality, this is something that we are living nowadays in the society in which we are in, in our daily reality.
The most powerful weapon of the rulers and those who have the power is the fear, because a society with fear is a society that does not scream, that does not rise against oppression, and that does not fight. They are not looking for a society that thinks because the knowledge is always doing questions and investigating the why of things, also is searching a change and the change does not have positive repercussion on the objective that they have that it is a stagnant society.
Another of the weapons they use is to prevent that people with the same interests and ideologies join together with the purpose of create social groups that could represent a threat to the stability of the totalitarian society in which they are in.
In 1948 a British author raises the idea of a dystopian society in London during the year 1984, what this author did not know is that today, in 2017 this is what we are actually living in many parts of the world, a society governed by an omnipresent being who terrifies all the habitants of the society, it makes people live with fear even to think.
We are living in the society that from the moment in which it dawns until the nightfall lives conditioned to some parameters and to an unbreakable routine from which we are not able to escape. In every place where we walk “Big Brother is watching you”.
Someone is always following our steps, by mean of cameras, by communication means, by mean of the data that we introduce every day in the databases of world-wide level companies, someone is searching that you do not express your ideas in a freeway “Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or the bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull” -Orwell, G (1949).
That is the only thing that we have in this path of darkness in which we are in, the few centimeters that we have inside our skull, but that nowadays most of the people live with fear of use it, because we do not want to make a change, because we are living all our life with fear of broke the chains that we are carrying on, and this does not allow us to fight, to stop with this role play in which we are only the marionette in a world control by the “Big Brother”
It is not a coincidence that all the communication means are under the influence of some who do not agree with some things come to light, what they are showing to us in a screen of lies, as are things nowadays, it seems that the ministry of truth is behind everything that these corrupted media show us today?
It is no coincidence that all wars are proclaimed under the ideals of "a common good" and some even using as a shield the name of a god that is his word proclaims love, but whose followers point a weapon in the face of those who do not think in the same way… It shall be that today this is controlled by a ministry of love, which is responsible for proclaiming the war, a ministry that speaks of peace showing us a weapon, a ministry that gives us freedom but also tells us when to use it.
In the three slogans of the party that Orwell proposed in his book we are able to analyze how hypocrite is nowadays society. “War is peace” because by means of the war it is only managed to end with those with different ideologies, which gives peace to the most powerful ones , because in that order of ideas they do not have to fight to prove that their ideology is the strongest. “Freedom is slavery” because we are living in a reality in which we do not have a real freedom, we are only living a conditioned freedom, a freedom in which we have wings, but we are caged and that same freedom is the one that does not let us fly, just because the fact that we see it more than as an opportunity as a weight that makes us live stuck, is a freedom that weighs, and that the human being still does not learn how to use. From anonymous people, from the suffering people, exploited people, I learned that peace is fundamental, indispensable. But peace means fighting for it. As says Paulo Freire in his book El Grito Manso “Peace breeds, you are strengthened in and by the overcoming of perverse social realities. Peace is built in the incessant construction of social justice. That is why I do not believe in any more effort than 'education for peace', which, instead of revealing the injustices of the world, make them opaque and try to miopize their victims”- Freire,P (2003)
“Ignorance is strength” Because an ignorant society is a manipulated, moldable and malleable society, and that is what they are searching, because a silenced thought and knowledge is equivalent to a voice that does not scream, that does not rise to seek justice and equity, and that is precisely what the Thought Police is looking for, those whose knowledge and reason does not let them remain silent, whose voice is too much stronger than all the injustices we are living, this has been the case of many social leaders as Jaime Garzón, Manuel Cepeda Vargas, Berta Cáceres, José Luis Solís López which have been silenced for searching a social improvement through the knowledge that makes their voices more audible than that of those who simply do not dare to think and like these are many the cases of people who have been silent for pursuing an ideal. And all those things of which I have spoken are not only part of a book I have showed that this is what we are actually living nowadays and that is surrounding and oppressing us daily.
More than a book is a prophetic vision that George Orwell had about the future, about a dark and gray future framed by an authoritarian regime from which no one can escape, in which peace is equivalent to war, love is equivalent to hate and truth equivalent to lies, a future where the one who is able to see beyond the superficial things is the one that has to be silnced a future in which we have a higher being that can even be imaginary but he still controls the thinking, actions and life of everyone else.
Welcome to that future proposed by George Orwell, welcome to my present, and the present of all of us, a present wrought by inequality and oppression, a present that no one wants to be a part of, but no one pretends to change it, because we are living with FEAR, that fear that makes us unable of rise our voices and scream.
Welcome to my present and the present of all those who with all the heart want the future will not be equal to this, a future where people's struggle will not be silenced any more, that all those who pretend to make a change achieve it and do not die in the attempt
“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone— to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink — greetings!” –Orwell, G (1949)
• 1984, George Orwell (1949)
• El Grito Manso, Paulo Freire (2003)


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This is a very good example of connection of the ideas between George Orwell's book and Colombian society's current situation. There are many minor mistakes in punctuation and grammar use of some words like pretend; nevertheless, the idea is understandable and well argumented.

Your grade is a 9,0.


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